I am broken. And I doubt I can be fixed.


10. Complications


Chapter 10



I stared out the plane window longing to go back down and Kiss Emily. Too Hug Ashley. I sighed wiping away my tears. This will be good for you I reassured myself. I pulled out my laptop logging on too Netflix. I put on the movie and plugged my headphones in, Begging myself not too think off Emily.

**After Flight**

I crashed on the hotel bed tired of flashing lights. I had done two radio interviews. Been in the recording studio for six hours, and All I wanted too do was Cuddle up Next too Emily. I pulled out my laptop and logged on too Skype.

I video called Emily and she Instantly answered. "Hey Justin!" She said cheerfully, "Let me get Ashley"

She left the room and I smiled. She brought Ashley in and I smiled even more, "Hey sweetie," Ashley put her hand on the screen and I copied her motion.

Someone Knocked on the hotel door, and I bit my tounge to keep from cursing. I motioned to Em That'd I'd be Right back and I headed to open the door.

"Justin, We need you in the studio" Scooter pulled me out of the room and I didn't have time to say goodbye to Em or Ashley. This would be complicated.

*5 months Later*

I smiled at the cameras every now and then stopping to pose with a fan. We finally reached the car and I sighed in relief. I couldn't believe how far I'd gone in just five months. I had released my first album 'My World' and I was now working on my never say never tour.

I got in the car, and it immediately sped away from the flashing lights. I reached for my phone, only too realize I didn't have it. I cursed quietly, longing to call Emily and Hear Ashley's Sweet Voice.

I lost it at an 'After Party' and some fan took it. We of course shut the phone down before the girl could do any thing stupid. I hadn't had time t get a new one yet, and I could only think of Emily. 3 moths and no contact.

What would she think of me?

The car stopped and I immediately ran for the studio. I opened the door and was greeted by usher and scooter.

I put on a fake smile waving at them. I was tired of fake smiles. I wanted to be happy.

 Author's Note

Just a Quick fill in from Justin's Point of View. Please Like and Comment Updating soon.

Stay Strong <3


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