I am broken. And I doubt I can be fixed.


2. Better Together




Chapter 2

Better Together


I screwed up big time. It's been a week since I found out that Emily's pregnant. It's also been a week since I found out I can't live without her. I quickly threw on a Jacket and ran outside. I got in my car and sped towards Emily's house.

I knocked on the door rapidly waiting for someone to answer. Emily's mom answered frowning. "I'm here for Em" I said politely

She deepened her frown. "Wrong address. Emily no longer lives here" I looked at her dead confused. She closed the door and I stood there like an idiot. I got back in my car and quickly dialed Emily.

"Em where are you?" I asked quickly once she answered.

"S-she kicked me out Justin" She replied crying. My heart felt like it split in two. "Where are you?" I repeated angrily. She gave me her address and I quickly hung up heading for 345 maple rd.

It wasn't exactly a house. More like a cottage. It was hidden deep in the woods but no denying it was beautiful.

I hurried to the front door and Just as I was about to knock Emily opened the door. Her eyes were puffy from crying and I quickly wrapped her in a hug.

"What are you doing here?" She asked quietly.

"I came to take care of my two favorite people in the world" I answered smiling. Her face instantly lit up causing me to laugh. "I thought-"

I covered her mouth with my hand. "Forget the past Em".

She led me inside her house and gave me a 'tour' there were three bedrooms. One big the other two small. Two bathrooms a living room and kitchen.

"It's beautiful. How did you get it?" I asked curiously.

"College funds" She answered barely audible. I glared at her. All Emily talked about was going to college. "But you saved up that money since you were practically in kindergarten" I replied in disbelief. Instead of responding she looked down.

"Emily I promise you won't ever have to spend anymore money on anything. I'll buy everything just because I love you so much. I'll give the baby anything he or she needs. I promise" I looked her in the eye and leaned in for a kiss.

She accepted gratefully.  We pulled away after a minute or two.  "How were you when ... you know" I asked quietly.

"I was bad." From the look on her face I knew that was all she was going to say. "Never again. I'll never leave you"


Author's Note

I see you stuck around? Well thank you that means a lot. Don't forget to tell me what you think in the comment section down below. Also Like and Favorite! I'm working on the next chapter which will also (hopefully no promises) be up today! As always

Stay Lovely <3



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