Starting Over (Sequel to Falling for a Jonas)

So the tour is over and almost everyone's lives have changed except for Louis and Jasmine their still together and i haven't talked to Liam since i broke up with him but we still have challenges and obstacles every day


7. Uninvited Guess

Carrie's POV

Liam stood at the door with the saddest look he could give. I felt bad for him, but all the violence he was doing was unacceptable.

"Liam what are you doing here?" I asked surprised.

"I just wanted to stop by to see the baby" he said looking around for Amelia.

"Uh I have someone coming in a f..." I started but Niall walked up to the porch. I felt as if the world had stopped when Niall walked up and stood behind Liam. Niall looked at me and then looked back to Niall.

"What's going on?" Niall asked. Liam turned around and faced Niall. They stared at each other for a moment before speaking.

"I came by to see Amelia, but Carrie said she had someone coming over and I guess your that someone." Liam said pretending to smile.

"Yeah I'm that someone" Niall said moving into the house next to me.

Liam poked his lips out, and said "I guess I'll come back some other time" he turned and left off the porch for his car.

Niall closed the door and swooped Amelia up off her feet. Why do things like this happen to me?

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