Starting Over (Sequel to Falling for a Jonas)

So the tour is over and almost everyone's lives have changed except for Louis and Jasmine their still together and i haven't talked to Liam since i broke up with him but we still have challenges and obstacles every day


8. Say Yes

Niall's POV

Liam was one of my best pals, and I didn't want to our friendship to end. If he needed someone to talk to he had Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Jasmin. Especially Jasmin, they've become extremely close.

"Niall I'm so sorry, I honestly didn't know that Liam was coming I thought it was you that knocked but it was him." Carrie said apologizing to me.

"It's okay Carrie" I said bouncing Amelia in my arms.

"Niall I don't know if this is rushing things but I think we should do this marriage thing over." she nervously.

"Right, we should do it the right way, with family and friends" I said smiling at her. When she realized that I had agreed, she relaxed and smiled at me. I grabbed her hand and walked into the living room with Amelia.

"We're going to be the perfect family." I said smiling.


Liam's POV

I left Carrie's house with tears. I decided to go over to Louis and Jasmin house to talk to Jasmin. I pulled up to the house and dried my face. I practiced smiles, so they wouldn't notice that I've been crying. I got out of the car, and walked up to the door. Louis answered the door, with a huge smile.

"Hey Liam, what can I do for you mate?" Louis asked.

"Hey Lou, I actually wanted to speak to Jasmin" I said.

Louis furrowed his brows, before moving out of the way. I walked in and Jasmin came down the stairs, in some shorts and a tank top.

"Babe I think you should change" Louis said standing in front of her.

She pushed Louis aside and hugged me. I hugged her back and relaxed a little bit.

"You look like you need to talk, so come on in here, and we can talk in private" she said taking my hand and leading me downstairs.

I told her about my problems with still loving Carrie and the jealousy of Niall getting to have her. I took her advice, about letting go of Carrie and starting on something new. I hugged her goodbye and kissed her cheek.

"It's time for Liam, to do Liam" I said aloud to myself.

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