Starting Over (Sequel to Falling for a Jonas)

So the tour is over and almost everyone's lives have changed except for Louis and Jasmine their still together and i haven't talked to Liam since i broke up with him but we still have challenges and obstacles every day


14. finding Niall

Jasmine's P.O.V

i heard a knock on the door and then i answered it 

"um.....hi Louis"

"can i come in"

"Sure" then Louis came in and i said

"Louis what are you doing here?"

"i came to talk to you, apologize i'm sorry that i always got so jealous i just love you so much and Liam was always coming around and stuff and i did get jealous and stupid and i am really sorry i love you so much will you please move back home"

"yes i will"

and then Louis kissed me and i smiled

"so where is Amelia, and Carrie"

"Amelia is upstairs sleeping, and Carrie went to find Niall and tell him she loves him"

"well that's good i hope it works out for them both"

Carrie's P.O.V

when i got to Niall's house i saw a note on the door, and then i read it and it said

*the note*

Dear Carrie, 

i hope your the one that found this i do love you but i can't compete with Liam and 

i know how much you love him and i will still be there for Amelia when i come back and if i come back so for now this is goodbye i'll always love you and Amelia


then i went to Liam's house with the note and then i knocked and he answered it and he let me in 

"he's gone Liam"


"Niall left"

i hand him the note and start crying.

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