Starting Over (Sequel to Falling for a Jonas)

So the tour is over and almost everyone's lives have changed except for Louis and Jasmine their still together and i haven't talked to Liam since i broke up with him but we still have challenges and obstacles every day


44. All is Well

Carrie's POV

I woke up this morning happy knowing that I would get to see Niall. I cleaned the house, bought groceries, and cooked something so that when Niall come he could eat. I finished the food and sat it out on the table. I went and grabbed Amelia from her playpen and just as I did someone knocked on the door. I looked through the peephole and saw Niall standing there. I quickly opened the door and pulled Niall in with my free hand. 

"Niall I missed you so much" I said hugging him.

"I missed you too Carrie, and you" he said pinching Amelia's cheeks.

"Well come on in the kitchen I cooked something for you" I said leading him into the kitchen.

He sat down at the table and began eating. I sat Amelia in her highchair and placed food in front of her. We spent some family time together enjoying ourselves. I think I've made my mind for sure.


Louis's POV

I was sitting at the hospital waiting to see what was wrong with Jasmin. I was waiting with Harry and Zayn, who came and took us to the hospital. The doctor came out of the room and told us to enter. We all entered the room and saw Jasmin laying on her side crying.

"Baby what is it?" I asked running to her side.

"The baby...I lost the baby" she sobbed.

I dropped to my knees and cried into my hands. I felt the boys put their arms around me making me cry harder.

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