Starting Over (Sequel to Falling for a Jonas)

So the tour is over and almost everyone's lives have changed except for Louis and Jasmine their still together and i haven't talked to Liam since i broke up with him but we still have challenges and obstacles every day


1. End of Tour

Carrie's P.O.V

I ended up leaving the tour early so that i could spend more time with my daughter Amelia, and i haven't talked to anyone since i left except for Jasmine and Zayn and Niall.

I've heard that Liam is still single and they're all gonna come and meet Amelia in two days.

The only difference is i'm no longer living in America i am now living in England and i know what people must be thinking why would you live in England when the father of your baby lives in Ireland.

Well the answer for that Question is i wanted to be closer to Friends like Jasmine after the whole Nick thing was cleared up me and her are actually really good friends now, and i haven't talked to Nick or his brothers since i left either.

Basically i've just been working and taking care of my daughter i work at a bakery close to home so that way if anything happens i can be right there as fast as i can for Amelia.


Jasmine's P.O.V

I still talk to everyone from tour except for Nick and his brothers, i've even talked to Liam and i found out that even though we all know Carrie has a daughter with Niall he is still in love with her and now Niall is in love with her to, and me and her are really good friends now, and as for me and Louis we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary a few days ago and i couldn't be happier leaving america to go and be with Louis was the best decision i have ever made.

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