All about Alfie Jones

Alfred F Jones:America,the greatest but most hated. Has some triggers and angst.
But also has happy endings.


6. time to relax for once

I'm sorry about the last one I just have been busy and couldn't think of how to end it well.


"TONNY BRO COME LOOK AT THIS ITS LIKE TOTALLY AWESOME!!!" My loud voice rang through the house. I finally found something to be excited about.

"Bitching Fuck?"

"A new video game came out, it's about Pictonians."

"Fucking bitching fuck."

"I know, I'm gonna get it for you."

I felt so tired it wasn't even funny. My boss had been piling on so much work that I had lost many nights of sleep. I checked my calendar and that was the day that I lost it at one of the world meetings.

"Look the bloody 'hero' is here early." The British man always found a way to make things sour.

"Alfred pay attention to ze presentation." France's voice woke me from my trance of taxes, new laws, and agriculture.

"Sorry Germany, I just have a lot on my mind." Surprisingly the German didn't yell at me.

"Hey Alfred do you want to get some lunch?" England's voice just made me tick ever faster to my meltdown.

"I would lo-no actually I wouldn't you are just going to call me fat for eating so much, now leave me to my work." He looked a little hurt by my tone, but I ignored his expression.

I continued to work on some of my boss's plans while China spoke up. "You need to calm down, aru."

I kinda snapped, yelling, "NO I WILL NOT CALM DOWN, HOW CAN I WHEN EVERYONE IS BREATHING DOWN MY NECK. YOU WONT SHUT UP ABOUT MY DEBT AND IM TRYING, I HAVE A LOT OF WORK, SO YOU COOL IT." I went back to my work, tugging on my hair from stress. My pen snapped. "GOD DAMMIT SOMEONE GET ME ANOTHER PEN." I screamed and Italy stopped sucking on Germany's face and got me another pen. "Thank you Feli." His face got a huge smile on it.

The meeting continued after break and I took some notes. Many countries(especially England) stared at my stressed side.

I drove home squeezing the steering wheel, trying not to have a brain aneurism. I went straight to my office and did paperwork like it was the end-of-the-world if I didn't. It was 2:30 when I left the meeting and when I finished it was 10:47. I soaked in the bath and I finally had enough time to relax.

--------------trying to do a sorta happy ending sorry if your brain died because of how bad it is------------------------------------------

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