All about Alfie Jones

Alfred F Jones:America,the greatest but most hated. Has some triggers and angst.
But also has happy endings.


9. memorial works

"Concentrate, you are falling and no one can save you. But if you forget ALL of your memories before the 21st century you can live. You take this deal. When you wake up you will have no memory of your life before the 21st century and no memory of today."

I woke up feeling groggy and with words in my head. I smelled herbs and tasted tea.

"K-Kiku??? Yao??! Where are you guys??" I heard voices in the next room and snuck over to hear them.

"He had to forget it else he would go insane. No country can handle all of their memories at once all the time. Alfred is the first one to have to go through that. He might forget a few important things, but he should be fine." I ran into the room and hugged Japan.

"YAO KIKU I WAS SO WORRIED!!! I couldn't find you guys. Who is your blonde friend?"

"D-don't you reme-" Yao covered the man's mouth. He started to tear up and turned around.

"His name is Arthur Kirkland." Kiku pointed to him and smiled.

"Why is he crying?" I tried to touch him but he gave me the cold shoulder.

"He got some bad news and had been having trouble containing it. You look a lot like his brother." I felt bad for him. I didn't even remember anyone except for Kiku, Yao, the Italy and German brothers, Sadiq,Seychelles,Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and a few other countries.

"G-guys I don't remember my life before this century. I know I'm a country and that I owe China money, but I don't know much else. Is your friend a country too?"

"Yes, my friend is a country." I saw a look of sadness from all of them.

"Did I do something?" I blanked out for a moment. "Wait how did I get here? Who's house is this?" The people in front of me looked extremely alarmed.

"I'm very sorry if I'm intruding, but who are you people?" The Chinese looking one teared up.

"Do you know who you are?" I looked at the Chinese one. "I am Yao. This is Kiku and Arthur."

"Very nice to meet you. I-I don't know who I am." I started crying. "When I see you guys it makes my heart hurt. I know this sounds weird but you seem familiar. Perhaps I had an accident and can't remember."

"You did have an accident where you hit your head and gained rapid memory problems. Your name is Alfred F. Jones and you ar-"Yao got cut off the the man named Arthur.


"E-excuse me? I'm a what?? How???" I never felt anything so shocking. They explained my life and the main things that happened. I began to understand my duty, even if I couldn't remember. I went to the world meeting the next day.

"ALFRED YOURE BACK!! I made you pasta!!" I looked at Kiku.

"This one is north Italy, the younger one, and his name is F..fa..Feliciano Vargas, right?" Japan nodded.

"Hi Italy!!" I became serious. "I had to deal with a major issue. I will start the presentation. Is that okay Germany?" He gestures to the spotlight in front of the large screen for presentation.

"We will begin with a topic that I may joke about, but it deeply troubles me. Global warming. Oh and Francis I HIGHLY recommend that you stay quiet the entire time. We should take steps to go against this world wide problem. We should cut back in public transportation and/ or make more Eco-friendly cars." I kept on going until lunch and saw shocked faces.

"Oh and it's lunch time. Let's leave Germany and Italy to suck faces." Ludwig blushed and Feli climbed onto his lap.

"Nice one!" I gave Turkey a bro fist and suddenly got swarmed by countries.

"Where were you?"

"Did you forget while eating fatass?"

"Is everything okay?"

"Stop being so lazy, you made mor work for us."

"Talk to me if you need to."

China grabbed me backwards and lead me to the lobby.

"W-was the other Alfred fat?"I felt a tightness in my chest.

"He was perfectly muscular, active, and he always worked hard. He was caring and friendly. They made him feel fat, so you know what happened. You did do a very good job at seeming to know what has happened over the years. Have you remembered anything?"

I nodded, it was in the middle if the countries discussing how to help defeat global warming. "I saw CHILDREN FIGHTING. I think it was the civil war. But then I saw a Native American and she was humming a lullaby to me."

Yao explained on how he had to wipe my memory to keep me from going insane. But on how there were complications because of my multiple head injuries. "I don't know what to do about this situation. I just want to remember it all and have everything go back to how it was, even if this new Alfred has to go..." He just looked at me and nodded in agreement.

I was also warned that I might gain my memory as suddenly as I lost it. I became frightened and jumpy. What if something sets off my memory and I go insane?

It came time to go into the meeting and I stole a pack of cigarettes from somebody's pocket in the lobby. I walked in,smoking. Matthew gaped at me and actually screamed(I was told that he was usually unnoticed and quiet),"YOU SAID THAT YOU FUCKING QUIT!!"

I realized that it must have been a past habit of the old Alfred.

I felt my mind being crowded with pictures and squeezed my head.

"Shit...Yao, Kiku." I looked pitifully at them. Arthur was closest and rushed to me.

"Just sit and we will say that you have a headache from the last earthquake." I shook my head.

"This is just too much, first the memory problems and now I have to act like I know these people. I'm fucking done."

"I WANT ALL OF YOU SHIT HEADS TO SHUT UP AND LISTEN. I AM NOT AMERICA. I AM ALFRED F. JONES AND AMERICA LOST HIS MEMORY DUE TO AN ACCIDENT. I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF ANY OF YOU. I am done, you want to help with the flashing memories that drove the other Alfred insane? Talk with Arthur,Yao and Kiku."

They all gaped at us and I went to the hotel room that I was put in. I fell asleep in the couch and watched the pictures in my head fly by.

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