All about Alfie Jones

Alfred F Jones:America,the greatest but most hated. Has some triggers and angst.
But also has happy endings.


3. Burger workout

///////Alfie Jones in a different state of mind///////////

"Dude, you can keep that veggie -burger. I'm goin for a run in the woods."

Yet again Arthur steals my burger to make me work for it. But I'm not that hungry, so I decide to burn of last night's beef soup.

I feel sweat pouring down my face I trip over a root and go straight for the 50 push-ups, not wanting to get up again. I feel dirt brush my bare torso as I go into a position to do sit-ups. I gotta keep my AMAZING ABS to show off at the pool party tomorrow.

I am a hero, I was able to lift up and swing a full grown buffalo when I was a little country(scaring England), I can eat the Brit's food and survive, I can pull a car single handedly, and most of all I can summersault backward(pictonian invasion).


I keep on repeating that to motivate myself to workout. I don't really remember my walk home cause I'm half-asleep but I do remember collapsing on my bed.

"HEY EVERBODY!!" I yell right when everyone invited came. The girl countries actually raised and interested eyebrow, while England and a few other male countries gawked.

I felt great in my new red,white, and blue swim shorts.

But I feel even better when I see Belarus in her bikini. I walk over to her acting really weird. "H..eyy Natalia, wanna hang out inside?" I rub my neck like SUPER nervously. She nods her head keeping a straight face.

When we get inside it is empty and she shyly smiles pushing me against the wall and kissing me. I am shocked for a second but recover fast enough to kiss back.

She stops and shoves me behind her. I see her demon brother looking like he is about to commit a murder. I shrink back and hear Natalia say "BIG BROTHER YOU WILL LEAVE HIM ALONE OR I WILL KILL YOU."

He grabs her arm and pulls her viciously away from me. I feel my arm moving before I can control it. Ivan gets a shocked look while blood runs down from his nose.

It is AWESOME being the hero.

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