Ask The Countries!!

Post in the comments questions for any Hetalia Country! It can include My OCs Reyna and Brianna {Central Italy and North Ireland}.


4. Romano

Reyna and Feli: BIG BOTHER-A! Get your lazy-a butt out here!

Romano: What?

Reyna: *waves paper with question on it* You have a question-a.

Romano: Are you-a going to read-a it or not-a?

Reyna: Biscuits and Discontent asked 'Would you eat a potato if it was drowned in tomato sauce?'

Romano: I-a would say that I would if I didn't know it-a was a potato but-a if I-a knew it-a I would-a probably not.

Feli: I would eat it! Especially with pasta!

Ludwig: Yes Feliciano, we all know that you zove pasta.

Reyna: Not going to join that-a conversation but you actually gave a question-a that Romano would-a answer. {He rarely answers questions.}

Denmark: *starts to whisper* Leave some questions for-

Norway: *punches Denmark in the nose* Don't say it, Mathias.

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