Ask The Countries!!

Post in the comments questions for any Hetalia Country! It can include My OCs Reyna and Brianna {Central Italy and North Ireland}.


8. Mathias/Denmark {Yeah, Nor got revenge}

Iceland: Mathias! You have a question now!

Gilbert: *grumbles under breath* Stinking Nordics stealing all ze questions from ze awesome me.

Finland: We heard that Gil.

Gilbert: *stomps out of room*

Denmark: Anyways what is it?

Iceland: DragonSoulJess asked 'So.....If I asked Nor a question, would you give him a hug? Because, *whispers away from Norway* You and Norge are my OTP!'

Denmark: *eyes wide* Umm.... I guess if he would even let me. I would probably get punched in the nose again.

Norway: No comment...

Iceland: Ok ummm... I guess if you want you can make Mathias hug Nor so yeah.

Gilbert: Don't forget to leave questions for ze awesome me!

Iceland: Nobody cares..... Nobody.

Gilbert: *sits down*

Reyna: Next-a question will-a come soon-a!

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