Ask The Countries!!

Post in the comments questions for any Hetalia Country! It can include My OCs Reyna and Brianna {Central Italy and North Ireland}.


5. Ivan/Russia

Brianna: Ivan! Come here!

Ivan: I'll just stay here. Good I idea, Da?

Brianna:*goes out of room and grabs Ivan by the ear* You have a question Ivan and your answering it.

Ivan: Alright Alright, what's the question?

Brianna: Biscuits and Discontent asked 'Do you ever take off your scarf?'

Ivan: Well, I wear only this scarf because it was from my older sister, Ukraine. Since She's not allowed to see me, It reminds me of her. Also since it is cold in Russia, I wear it to keep warm. But I do take it off when I go to sleep.

Brianna: Alright, ummm....

Denmark:*In other room* THANKS ALOT FOR THE NOSE BLEED NOR!!

Iceland: *facepalm*

Norway: *stands up* I'll be right back. *walks out of room*

Denmark: No Nor! Please no!

Brianna: God those Nordics..... Rome help me.

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