Ask The Countries!!

Post in the comments questions for any Hetalia Country! It can include My OCs Reyna and Brianna {Central Italy and North Ireland}.


2. Feliciano

Reyna: Feli!! Come here! There's a question-a for you!

Feli: Alright! I'm-a here. What's the question?

Reyna: homicidal Tate asked 'Would you like to eat some pasta with me?'

Feli: Of corse-a! I would love-a to! Maybe even Big brother Romano and-a Big sister Reyna would join-a!

Reyna: Um... We'll figure that out later-a. Anyways, there you have it! (honestly I think Feli would eat pasta with anyone.... Accept-a for maybe Arthur...)

Romano: Remember to leave-a more questions in the-a comments. To anyone!

Norway: Please not to me.

Denmark: *whispers*. Put some for Nor!

Norway: Dafaq you say Mathias?

Denmark: Nothing!

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