Ask The Countries!!

Post in the comments questions for any Hetalia Country! It can include My OCs Reyna and Brianna {Central Italy and North Ireland}.


3. Alfred/America

Arthur: Alfred!! Get out here!

Alfred: *in other room* WHY?!

Arthur: Because there's a bloody question for you!

Alfred:*Walks into room* What is it?

Arthur: Biscuits and Discontent asked 'Do you have a endless supply of burgers? Because you always seem to pull those things out of thin air.'

Alfred: Well I guess you could say that I have an endless supply.. I just make sure that I have at least 50 made everyday. Arthur says that it makes me fat so Japan helps me with weight loss.

Feli: You were-a asking everyone-a how they lost-a weight.

Alfred: Yep and Japan gave me the easiest way.

Reyna: Anyways, Hopefully Alfred doesn't gain to much weight or Arthur will get onto him.

Arthur: Yes I will *glares at Alfred*

Romano: ANYWAYS-A! Remember more questions!

Denmark: *whispers* Don't forget some for Nor!

Norway: Mathias...

Denmark: Nothing!

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