The unknown darkness


1. chapter one

I'm a 13 year old girl, named Kaya I've had a really miserable life, my mom left me when I was 1 I've never had a somewhat normal life. At my old school I didn't have any friends and I was getting bullied because I read and because of my looks.

Reading was my only escape from reality, I got to live many different lives that are probably more interesting then mine will ever be. I just moved house, I'm happy because I just wanna. New start, mainly with friends. But I'm nervous what if I get called a geek again? What if I get bullied and on top of that can't tell anyone? What if I think I have friends but they turn there back on me? These questions have been repeating over and over in my head for a while now.

My dad's always been here for me, though it's not the same without a mother daughter bond. But my dad's always really supportive and joyful around me and is willing to do anything for me is he's able to.

I'm really struggling, and even though my Dad loves me it's hard to talk about everything to him (he knew that I had no friends at my old school) I could tell my dad had a lot of stress put on him at work and I didn't want to fill him up with all of my problems. It's really hard with no mom or friends.

School starts tomorrow. "You'll fit in just fine, and you'll make some friends" dad says. I think to myself I really don't think that's going to happen that but say "hopefully" out loud. He tucks me into my bed and says "good night, I love you". I love you to I say and before you know it I feel into a deep sleep

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