Fall To Pieces

Tess is in the lowest parts of the darkness. She has lost everyone she has cared about because of a killing. Even two years later she still has the nightmares from that night. She can't seem to let herself be free from that pain. That's when she meets her. Echo starts to help Tess change her outlook on the world. And the closer they get the deeper Tess falls for Echo. But will this love end in disaster just like the last one?


1. Neighbors.

Tess’s POV:


A loud buzzing rang throughout my ears. I flickered my eyes open just to be blinded by the light beaming in through the window. I groan softly before stumbling to my feet. I stared into the mirror at the person I have become. It has been two years since I lost everyone and I am still a complete wreck. I put some pants on and threw a shirt on before heading into the bathroom to brush my hair back. That’s when I heard someone pounding on my door. I walked out into the living room with a toothbrush in my mouth. I opened the door to see Ben standing there with anger flashing in his eyes.


“I didn’t do it.” I threw my hands up surrending.


“I know you didn’t do it.” He sighed pushing past me to get inside.


“Okay, so what is it that I didn’t do?” I questioned walking back to the bathroom to finish brushing my teeth.


“He stole my date last night.” He ranted leaning against the bathroom door watching me.


“Who Alex?” I questioned.


“Yeah! And he promised that this time he wouldn’t!” He groaned.


“You should know by now Ben.” I said rinsing off my toothbrush.


“I know but I always give people a chance.” He sighed.


“And that is why you always get stepped on.” I said putting my hand on his shoulder. He rolled his eyes and wandered back into my living room then plopped down on my sofa. Oh yeah I should mention that both Ben and Alex are gay. So the date he was talking about was a dude. Alex only steals them because he has this secret crush on Ben but is too chicken shit to do anything about it. I plopped down on the couch next to Ben as he flipped through the channels on my TV. That’s when someone started knocking on my door again. I sighed and stumbled back to my feet. I opened the door to see a beautiful girl with bright blue eyes holding the hand of a little girl.


“May I help you?” I asked.


“I am your neighbor.” She smiled.


“Is this your daughter?” I asked.


“No, I wish.” She giggled. “I’m lesbian.”


Ben sat up on the couch and peered over at us. His eyes looked like they were about to fall out of his eyes. I haven’t even thought about dating another girl since my last girlfriend was murdered. Ben says that I need to get back out there, that I should accept what has happen and move on.


“Oh really.” I smirked.


“Is that a problem?” She asked looking majorly worried.


“No it’s fine. I am also lesbian.” I reassured her.


“I’m gay!” Ben shouted from the couch causing us both to start laughing. I invited her in and her little friend. She told us that her name was Echo and the little girl was her niece Keira. She was single and moved here to get away from her ex. Ben told her about how horrible of a friend Alex was, and just kept ranting on. She didn’t seem to really mind it which was nice. After Ben left I was at a lost for words.


“He seems real nice.” She smiled.


“Yeah, but the only reason Alex steals his dates is because he has a crush on Ben but is too chicken shit to tell him.” I laughed.


“No way!” She gasped.


“Yeah, it’s quite funny actually because Ben secretly likes Alex too.”


“How do you know this?” She questioned.


“They tell me everything.” I laughed.


“Sober or drunk?




“You seem to deal with them real well.” She smiled.

“What can I say, I’m a people person.” I smiled.

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