A New Identity

A 17 year old girl's life is turned around when her house is blown up and she realizes that she is not who she always thought she was. Her foster parents died with the house or so she thinks and her real parents are alive. She embarks on a journey with her best friend Jack to revenge her foster parents.

Cover by Secrets Unfold. ( She is the best, thank you so much!)


3. Chapter Three

                                          Ana's Point of View

I was walking back to my house, thoroughly exhausted but happy because I was listening to one of my favorite songs.

"The big big bang the reason I'm alive when all the stars collide in this universe insi-i-i-de the big big bang"

I had to sing along, I mean what's the point of music with vocals if you can't sing with them?

"Some people like to talk but I'm into doing what i feel like d- What the? Crap!" My phone just died. I can tell you that it's the worst possible feeling when your phone dies in the middle of a song. It's like an unfinished thought. Like, well i think that unicorns are very- I mean it's like that sentence can go anywhere.

I had my house in view now and was looking forward to a nice long relaxing bath, when BOOM! My house goes up in flames. It was such an unexpected sight that i just stood there stupidly. But then i came to my senses. "Kristina! Mark!"  I tried to rush inside. But by now some of the neighbors had come over, and a few were trying to hold me back. "No! Let me go! They're still in there!" I was kicking and screaming, but they wouldn't let me go. Boom! Another explosion. Now, my mind just barely grasped the hopelessness of the situation. "Mom....." And i stopped struggling, all the fight had gone out of me. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and die. I could feel my mind slipping away and welcomed the numbness of unconsciousness.

Everything was starting to go fuzzy. "Ana!" I could barely hear the shout. Then i saw someone's face, it was Jack. Normally, i wouldn't have recognized anyone in this state but i knew Jack so well. "Ana. Are you OK?" He sounded really worried. "Jack." I whispered/sobbed. Then i fell into his arms, crying. "Shhhh. It's OK. You're OK." I couldn't even reply, I was so choked up.


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