A New Identity

A 17 year old girl's life is turned around when her house is blown up and she realizes that she is not who she always thought she was. Her foster parents died with the house or so she thinks and her real parents are alive. She embarks on a journey with her best friend Jack to revenge her foster parents.

Cover by Secrets Unfold. ( She is the best, thank you so much!)


7. Chapter Six

                                                  Ana's Point of View

"I'm sorry, Miss Andrews. I really am, but there's simply no proof." said Chief Grayman. "But I saw someone! I'm telling the truth!" "Miss Andrews, sometimes, when the mind has had a big shock, it processes things that aren't there." "I didn't imagine it! I saw him!" "Miss, I'm truly sorry for your loss. But i am a busy man, and i can't waste my time with children. My advice to you would be to take some time off to help your mind process this event. Rest your head." He walked off, I couldn't believe that he didn't believe me. I stormed out of the Police Station, seething. I had been discharged a few days ago. The funny thing was, that I wasn't sad about Mark and Kristina's deaths anymore but consumed with anger and a desperate need for revenge. Jack was waiting for me outside. We had made up the day after our little fight. I mean, we weren't best friends for nothing.

"Judging by your face, Greyman didn't believe you." I just glared at him. I didn't want to admit that he had been right all along. That would make his ego a little too big. So i just kept walking, he followed."So, what do we do now?" he asked. I turned around, "Just because the Chief Officer didn't believe me, doesn't mean that I stopped believing. Jack, I saw someone out there. Right before my house exploded. I saw him by the bushes. After it happened, he left. It was like he was waiting to make sure his plan worked." I continued walking. "What plan?" "How should I know?" "Because you are the one who has this whole theory!" "That doesn't mean i know what I'm doing." I said, with a DUH voice. "OK, I'll go along with it. So where are we headed?" "Where do you think? My house."

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