A New Identity

A 17 year old girl's life is turned around when her house is blown up and she realizes that she is not who she always thought she was. Her foster parents died with the house or so she thinks and her real parents are alive. She embarks on a journey with her best friend Jack to revenge her foster parents.

Cover by Secrets Unfold. ( She is the best, thank you so much!)


1. Chapter One

I walked down the stairs in my bright blue tank, skinny jeans, and worn-out converse; my backpack slung over one shoulder. I was dreading the first day of school, but excited because it would be my last; I was a senior. " You look so cute!" said a motherly voice. That was Kristina. She was a kind-hearted and very generous individual who just happened to be my mom. Of course she was not my real mom, she was a foster mom. I never knew my real mom, she abandoned me when I was two. I don't know why, but I have always hated her for it. I shook my head. This is no time to be dwelling in the past.

As I walked into the kitchen, my dad (again not my real dad-my real dad followed my mom. He just loved her more. Hey, what do I know? Maybe it was true love.) Anywhy, where was I? Oh yeah. My dad was sitting at the table drinking his black coffee and reading his newspaper. He was an awesome dad. I mean sure, he was strict and overly protective, but underneath all that, he was loving and kind. In his own gruff way. "ugghh!" he grunted, "the Angels lost again! Why do I stay with them?!?" "It's a mystery to me," Kristina replied, "How much do you owe Bob this time?"

Bob was one of Mark's (my foster dad) friends, often they made friendly bets on baseball games. Although it wasn't really betting for Bob because Mark stubbornly always bet on the Angels winning and they almost never did. The way I saw it: quick cash for Bob.

"Forty" Mark said resignedly. Kristina just sighed. "Are you excited?" Mark asked me in a not-so-subtle attempt to change the subject. "I don't know... I guess." I replied. I really didn't want to talk about it. For those of you who are just getting to know me. I don't really socialize. I'm not one of those girls who flaunts herself in public or bullies others who are not deemed worthy to look at her. In other words, I'm not popular. I have one friend. He's my best friend. I can be myself around him. Together we make fun of those so called "popular" people cause in our eyes, they're not worthy of us. Back to reality.

"I guess?" Mark responded, " it's you're senior year!" He looked at me as if this mystical senior year was the greatest most magical thing in the whole universe. He obviously expected me to think so too. But I didn't. So instead of answering, I just looked at him. But he didn't let that stop him, "Trust me! its a whole new world when you're a senior. Seniors own the halls-everything! Freshman scamper away in fright. Seniors-" here he paused. His face contorted trying to find the perfect word, suddenly his face lite up like the fourth of July, "seniors are symbols of power and authority!" He glanced at me, certain that he had convinced me of the sacred seniors power, "Maybe for you, but you seem to be forgetting something." I said. Mark mulled over these words, "Nope, I think I got everything." He seemed to be thinking over his recent rant mentally. I sighed. "You were popular. I am not." I said very slowly as if explaining this super complex theory to a toddler.Which was probably uncalled for, but still. (Oh did I mention Mark was captain of the football and baseball team? Apparently a total jock.)

As always, both of them tried to persuade me that I could be anything if I set my mind to it. But I had heard this speech before and had yet to be convinced. So I made up some lame excuse, grabbed a piece of toast and walked out the door.


Kristina and Mark watched Ana leave their house. "When are we going to tell her, Mark? " said Kristina, "She has to know." Mark gathered her in his arms and said, "I don't know, but soon."



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