A New Identity

A 17 year old girl's life is turned around when her house is blown up and she realizes that she is not who she always thought she was. Her foster parents died with the house or so she thinks and her real parents are alive. She embarks on a journey with her best friend Jack to revenge her foster parents.

Cover by Secrets Unfold. ( She is the best, thank you so much!)


15. Chapter Fourteen

                                         Jack's Point of View

Okay so I know that right now some of you guys are like, "Cool! A bunch of CIA agents kidnapped them. That's so dope." Okay so you probably don't say "dope" , but the point still stands. Anyway, I know that feeling. I mean when I was a kid I loved that sort of stuff. You name it, I was into it: Kung fu, Indiana Jones, Star wars. All that jazz. But none of those thoughts were going through my head at that moment. Nope. My mind instead raced with fear, fear that I would die, fear that we would be tortured. I almost fainted, I was so scared. So you can imagine at how unnerved I was when I looked over at Ana and saw her, perfectly calm, as if this was just a slightly unpleasant bump in the road?

After the goons escorted us out of the bank, they lead us to a big white van. I mean it's so cliche! Aren't there any original ideas out there anymore?!? But as we neared the van, a bunch of shots rang out. We all ducked for cover. The van door slide open. "Get in!" the men said. And we did. Strangers in a van verses an anonymous shooter. I think that the answers pretty obvious.

Unfortunately, we thought wrong. Because as soon as we hopped into the van, they pressed a white cloth to my face.........

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