Kira, a 5th grader, goes to science camp where 5th graders stay for 5 days. Little does she know that she will fall in love with one of the counselors there who are volunteers.
She has a great adventure, mostly learning that you should prepare for your heart to be broken.

Characters: Kira, BFF Kam, and the mysterious camp counselor
Setting: Walden West


12. chapter twelve: confessions and a lisp

"You really feel the same about me?" I squeak.

"Yes. I want to be more than friends. I want to be--"

CUE KAM. "You guys should kiss already--"

I literally grab her stuff a sock in her mouth and lock her in her closet. Luke looks shocked and says he needs to "study."

When she's complete whining with a lisp like "HELPHTH MEHHHH" I get her out of there. She spits the sock out and I see bright red blood freshly drip from her tongue.

"Eewww." I wrinkle my nose. "You bit your own lip??"

"Well how wath I thupothed to know that you would put me in a clothet with a thock in mah mouthhhh?" She spits saliva everywhere.

"Lisp much?" I smirk.

"Whatever, leth go down thtairth."

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