Kira, a 5th grader, goes to science camp where 5th graders stay for 5 days. Little does she know that she will fall in love with one of the counselors there who are volunteers.
She has a great adventure, mostly learning that you should prepare for your heart to be broken.

Characters: Kira, BFF Kam, and the mysterious camp counselor
Setting: Walden West


3. chapter three: in love

"Are you in love or something, you keep looking around like a psychopath," Kira whispers.

"Okay I like that guy, he's in my field class," I whisper, pointing at the tall guy. "His nature name is shark,"

"Sexay!!" She hisses excitedly. "But isn't he like, 17?"


"He prob has a gf,"

"Shut your ugly face or I'll do it for ya."

"With what, your long nose?"

"Kameron Rawford and Kira Jones, would you like to be sent to the hub?"

"No," we answer in unison.

"Then shut your mouths and pay attention."

I roll my eyes and pass her a scrap of paper.

Long nose? How dare you!

Haha suits you!

Shut ur face off. Now

Look who's having puberty! 😂

I'm gonna kill you

Okay Banana nose

You've prob already had ur period look at your boobs! 😵 they're bigggggg

Kam looks at her boobs. They're actually kinda big...

I giggle and Shark looks at me. I shut up.

"Nature names! You are to choose a name relating to nature like rock, tree, leaf, etcetera. Mine is mountain." "Mountain" roars.

"I wish I could do Mrs. Harry Styles," my stupido friend sighs. I slap her arm.

"Go ahead, just say like there's a tree named the Styles tree," I suggest. She grins.

"Sadly that would be lying."

"You may also send letters to family members and friends!"

"Want to send one to my annoying harassing pervert brother?"

"Why not." I actually think he's really hot, but he's like 15 and I'm 10. He'd never love me.

"Who are you sending one too?" Kam says taking two envelopes, stamps, papers, pens, and stickers.

"Mom, Jerkface," Jerkface is my sister Joyce. I don't even know why she's 16 and I'm 10. I should be the eldest. "Dad, and maybe Luke?"

"You like him or something?" She writes something and laughs. "Crap, look at this."

Hey puke

How are u? Showering much?

I can't believe I have 5 DAYS WITHOUT A BRO! This is a dream come true.

Are you hitting on guurrllsss much man? Have like 30 girlfriends?

I don't miss you. Enclosed here is a sticker that represents you:

There she put a poop sticker. I laugh like a mental person.

Watch some One Direction for me my ugly bro.

Sorry not sorry,

KAM ❤️

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