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3. The Save

Justins POV

Im pissed off i didn't get to bully kaili much today.. She must have ran home.. I waited for her at her locker for ages but nothing..

As i walk home i see a girl in front of me who looks around my age, she looks sexxy from behind. She turns around. Kaili?!?!? Did i just call KAILI FRECKEN SMITH SEXXY . Eww wtf kill me now..

"P-please l-leave me a-alone..." She pleads

Hahaha i make her scared.. 😏

"Hmm why should i?"

"B-because please"

She stops at I'm assuming her house.

Hell nah I'm not letting her go a day without me hurting her..

I go to grab her arm when theres a loud bang.

I look over to see a drunken old man come out with a knife over to Kaili.. Who the fuck is that? An why are they doing my job?

"Where the fuck have you been! Ive been waiting for my coffee for 5 minults!! " the drunk man yells.

I slowly start to walk away trying not to be noticed..

"I-i im sorry dad i-i was late"

Hmm so its her dad.. Nice dad shes got there...

"You deserve a punishment!"

I watch him grab her by the hair an touch her body. Shes was screaming for me.. Why me??

"GET OFF HER" i yell. Wtf am i doing..

He lets go of her an comes over to me with a knife.. Oh gees.. Here comes trouble.

"What did you say"

"I said fucking get off her" wtf am i doing seriously i hate her an I'm saving her from being raped.. Wtf has gotten into me..

He goes to punch me but missed.. I punch him square in the face an run over to Kaili an grab her arm an drag her over to my house.

I run into my house an drag her with me, i lock the door an turn around to see Kaili shocked an looking scared as hell..

"Im not going to hurt you " i said. I will hurt her though if she pisses me off

"W-why did you s-save me?" She says shyly

Nervous hey?

"Because he was going to rape you kaili?! Does he rape you everyday?!"

"N-no he does o-other things "

This might be too far but i dont care i need to know

"Like what? "

" i dont want to talk about it."

"Okay... Um so you hungry or anything?"


Okay shes pissing me off already..

"Do you have anywhere to stay? Family? "

"I only have my dad.."

"Okay well do you want to stay here for the night..? " wtf am i doing...

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