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2. School

I hurry down the hallway to my locker, before im late for class.. I turn the corner an crash into something or should i say... Someone..

"Watch out loser" Justin yells


Let me tell you a little about Justin. His full name is Justin Drew Bieber an his the most popular guy in the school. He is also a bully, him an his 2 friends Ryan and Chaz they bully me an Bree. Justin is cute i have to admit an Yes i have a little crush on him...


"S-sorry" i say looking at the ground.

"You should be bitch" he said while slapping me an walking off.

Tears filled my eyes.. I ran off to the bathroom an cried.. All i could do was cry..

10 minuets later i dried my eyes an walked to class hoping Justin wasn't there..

I walked in only to have all eyes on me ..

"Miss smith, you are late! Sit at the back of the classroom in front of mr butler please" Mr Albones Grumpily says to me.

I scan the room an set my eyes at Ryan Butler who is smirking looking at me. This is going to be the longest Maths class ever..

I make my way down the aisle to my seat..

Ryan is kicking my chair from behind.. I try to answer the questions on the bored.. But everytime i write it mucks up from Ryan kicking me.

"Can you p-please stop?" I turn around to say.

"Nope" Ryan smirks only to kick my chair harder..

Today is going to be a long day...


Thank god school is over.. I quickly pack my bag an make my way out the door hoping not to catch Justin nor Ryan an Chaz..

I run down the steps an, up the road.. I get to my street only to hear steps behind me.. I look behind only to see Justin....

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