New movella


1. Morning

* Beep Beep Beep *

Ugh School, i make my way out of my bed, over to my closet.. I put on an oversized Jumper an jeans and my glasses..

Let me introduce my self my name is Kaili Bright Smith, i live in Victoria, Australia. I love it here, expect for my neighbourhood. I am the geek of my school. I get bullied, physical an verbally. Im used to it i dont care much about it. I live with my step dad, my mum died in a car crash last year and ever since my dad has been in a depression where he blames everything on me. Its hard for me sometimes. Being bullied all day at school an coming home an being bullied again. I have 1 friend only Bree Hill she is just like me.

I walk downstairs only to find my father wasted on the floor. I grab a banana and make my way to school..

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