Rich Bastards

Rich bastards. I hate them. All the care about are themselves, and getting more money than they know what to do with while the rest of us just try and stay afloat. That would be me, one of the poorer families in this town. I live with my mom only, considering my dad hit the road once he found out my mom was pregnant. And guess where he is now. Fucking famous, that's what. I'm living the life right?


3. chapter three

Chapter three

As soon as I walked into the house, all I saw was the grand staircases that sat infront of me in all of their beauty. "Excuse me, may I help you," a man said from behind me snapping me out of my trance. He was in his early forties maybe. "Oh sorry, I'm Selena, I think my father lives here." I said trying not to come off as rude. His Wes widened "Selena?! Oh my god I finally get to meet you! I'm you're father, George." He exclaimed. I forced a smile trying not to come off as too rude, "You're a pathetic excuse of a father, I grew up with no father and now your just ecstatic to meet me? No. I hate you, you fucking left my mother and I." I screamed in his face before turning on my heel and stalking off towards one of the many hallways.

I spent an hour looking around the house, I found an empty bedroom that I figured must be mine. It's walls were a rich, light grey color, and in the middle of the room sat a creamy colored king size bed. Off to the side of the room sat a dresser and two doors, one of which led into a walk in closet bigger than my old room, and the other led into a bathroom. In my old house we shared a small bathroom that was the size of a small closet, and in this house each bedroom had it's own bathroom. How could one person afford all of this?

As soon as I had hung all of my clothes in the closet, I headed towards the kitchen it had been a long day and I needed some food soon. I walked in and quickly noticed my 'father' sitting at the table that extended across the room. "Don't eat," he said just before I reached the fridge, "We are going out to dinner with some possible future clients of mine." Before I could refuse he added in "And you have no choice, you are going. Now go to your room, I had a dress sent up for you to wear to dinner." I rolled my eyes before exiting the room to go and get ready. As soon as I walked into the room something caught my eye, the dress. I gasped, right there in front if me sat one if the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen! And all for some stupid dinner? It didn't go down to the floor it stopped about mid thigh, with a sweetheart neckline. Quickly, I slipped into the dress letting my hair fall into it a natural waves, I grabbed the pair of flats that sat next to the dress and matched it perfectly. With out even bothering with makeup I bounded down the stairs, my attitude wasn't as bad as it was earlier.

My father was already waiting by the door with the biggest smile ever when I reached the bottom of the staircase. He opened the door for me and we were off, to who knows where.

We arrived at a really fancy restaurant, the only bad thing was all of the screaming teenage girls standing in front of the doors, blocking the entry. What was going on, was it that good of a restaurant? My dad and I slipped out of the Bentley, which had pulled around to the back to avoid the screaming girls. As we made our way throughout the restaurant, my eyes landed on a very familiar face.


So it was going to be longer but somehow my work got deleted on this chapter. Sorry xx.

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