I ran through the streets from the hideous people ... I suddenly tripped and fell and met the most beatiful chesnut eyes I've ever met. The names malik ..... Zayn Malik .

First book of the ruined diaries


3. chapter 2

It was after the red carpet I got lost in the alley and suddenly tripped not seeing the dark figure above me

I opened my eyes to the most beatiful chesnut eyes .THE NAMES malik.... Zayn malik

He was wearing a suit and of course I could hear his band mates calling him... He gave me his number and ran away . I typed in his number on his contact . I was driving home and Luke started calling me like crazy .

Luke-we're are u *moans in the background*

Me-I'm in the driveway why?


I walked into the house to find clothes everywhere


Luke- what !

Me-we're are u

Luke- waiting for u

I turned around to find him in the living room with candles and rose petals all over the floor. Me-OMG....

Luke- suprise he said with a guilty face

*the next morning at work*

I had the most nicest day with Luke yesterday I ran into work the next morning . I went to my phone on my break and realized zayn had texted me

Zayn- morning beatiful

Me-good morning?

Zayn-sooo ur playing hard to get

Me - no I have a boyfriend

Zayn-yeah right

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