I ran through the streets from the hideous people ... I suddenly tripped and fell and met the most beatiful chesnut eyes I've ever met. The names malik ..... Zayn Malik .

First book of the ruined diaries


2. chapter 1

I woke up to the smell of burning . Great Luke was up me and Luke have been together for 2 years and he always wakes up before me

I have to go to my meeting I yelled as I grabbed an apple looking at my watch .

I drove my car to the magazine place we were giving ideas .... We also had to wear something fancy . Suddenly my phone vibrated from a text from Luke

Luke- you forgot something!

Me- what !!!

Luke- ....

Me- come in tell me plz I'm in a meeting

Luke- ok ok you forgot your project

As soon as I read that I ran put of the building and went home . Luke stood at the front door with a smirk on his face , I ran past him realizing we're I left my project . There it is I said as I felt to arms wrap around my waist and picked me up .

Me- Luke put me down

Luke- no

Me-put me down!!

Luke-not until I get a kiss

Me- okkkkk

I turned around and kissed him quickly and ran away from Luke to go back to work

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