Heartbreak Girl

A girl named Alex Heart who goes by Alex and only Alex is a very famous girl but has a backround with Harry Styles. They grew up as neighbors, until he became famous and shortly after that, she did too. Harry admitted to falling in love with her after telling that story to the world he asked her to go out with him and she rejected. Permanently tainting her career. But when she is shipped off from her home in England to a school for celebrities and song writers she is brought back together with him. Along with him, Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings. The three all want her for themselves, but she just breaks hearts. Who will she break?


11. The Dance

I let out a sigh as I look at myself in the mirror.

"You look fine." Selena says as she is wrapping the cord around the curling iron.

"Thanks. I still hate the dress though." I say as I play with the curls.

"You look amazing. When will our dates get here?" Demi says.

"Um mine is not a date and we are meeting each other there because I have to perform." I say. Almost exactly after there was a knock- no a bang- no three very loud bangs on the door. Demi skips, well as best she can in her outfit and opens the door. There reveals Selena's date I think she said his name is Steven, a writer but okay. Demi's boy's name is John, and he isn't half bad.

"Hey love to stay but Austin and I perform tonight so bye." I say and Austin and I walk out.

"You look decent. Obviously can't be hotter than me, sorry that's just not possible." Austin says and I smack his arm.

"This is why nobody wants to date you." I say with a slight laugh.

"Please, they all think I'm dating you that's why." He says.

"Please, hella no. If I did like you or you liked me, either one of us would be hella friend zoned." I say. He nods in agreement. "Like I literally had to ask a girl out for you once, she said she thought we were dating. It's like, umm if we were would I be asking you this. I don't think so."

"And that happened when I asked someone out for you too." He says.

"Basically." I say. Austin sings his thing, I sing mine and I go out on the dance floor. Austin was flirting it up with some girl. I walk over because they were by the punch and as I pour myself a glass I whisper to Austin

"Get it in." And then take a drink of the punch and walk toward Selena, but I am stopped by someone.

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