Heartbreak Girl

A girl named Alex Heart who goes by Alex and only Alex is a very famous girl but has a backround with Harry Styles. They grew up as neighbors, until he became famous and shortly after that, she did too. Harry admitted to falling in love with her after telling that story to the world he asked her to go out with him and she rejected. Permanently tainting her career. But when she is shipped off from her home in England to a school for celebrities and song writers she is brought back together with him. Along with him, Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings. The three all want her for themselves, but she just breaks hearts. Who will she break?


8. Sleepover and Stage Presence

"May I help you?" I ask Ashton. "And you. And you." I say seeing Calum and Luke behind Ashton.

"SLEEPOVER!" Ashton yells.


"SHHHHHhhhhhhut up!" I whisper yell. They all come into the room.

"You've got stage presence tomorrow right?" Luke asks. I nod.

"Good. So do I and Ash. Cal has Bass lessons and something else." Luke says.

"Vocals. I have vocals." Calum says.

"Well I hope you all have fun sleeping on the floor cause its my bed." I say as I turn off my lap top.

"You look like shit." Someone in the door way says. I turn around and glare at him.

"Glad you think so Harry." I say.

"What's going on in here? A four some or something?" He asks. I slap his arm hard enough to get him to wince.

"Hell no. As if. Why you here?" I ask.

"Well Louis, Mikey, and Niall are over at mine. And I hear someone yell sleep over." He says.

"So that's where Michael is. Okay." I say.

"Look just keep your noise to a minimum okay?" He asks. I just nod and slam the door in his face and he yells through the door.


"LIKE I CARE!" I yell back and jump on my bed.

"So what are we going to do?" Ashton asks.

"I like the idea of sleeping." I say rolling on my bed.

"But Al it's only midnight." Calum says.

"Don't call me that." I say.

"I SHALL CALL WHAT YOU WHAT I WANT." Ashton practically shouts.

"SHHHHHHHhhhhut up." I say.

"Okay let's play truth or dare." Luke says.

"It's no fun with this amount of people." I say.

"Well I can fix that." Calum says and he runs out of the room and comes back with Michael, Niall, Louis and Harry.

"I was trying to get us not to play." I say.

"Well too bad we are playing now." Calum says and we all sit in a circle.

"Heart! Truth or dare?" Harry asks.

"Fucking truth. I am not doing any of your dares, Styles." I say.

"Well Heart this is from Louis and he asks are you currently single." Harry says after Louis whispered something in his ear.

"Yes. Yes I am. Now all of you get out of my room." I say.

"No!" Michael shouts.

"Ugh fine! Michael truth or-" he cuts me off.


"Okay. I dare you too stay blindfolded for the rest of the game." I say.

"You suck at dares." Niall says.

"Well sucks for you cause I don't want to play." I say. Eventually the game ends and the other boys leave the room. It is now two in the morning and I decide to sleep. But I stay up to over hearing the boys saying something about who is going to ask her first to the dance or something I really don't know. I officially fell asleep around three in the morning.


I don't even hear my alarm for five seconds before I hear people saying shut it up. Then there was a really loud moan next to me. I turn off the alarm and basically scream.


"No." He murmured. I just push the sheets off and grab some clothes and go into the bathroom. Stage presence today. First I shower and I honestly am afraid to leave this bathroom because I know they brought bags which I assume have clothes in them. So I could walk out at any point and they could be in the middle of changing. I walk out of the shower and put on a pair of light jean shorts and a black crop top with the batman logo on it. I fish tail my hair and put a white lace bow at the bottom of the fish tail. I do my make up and I look less like a zombie that is missing most of its skin. I walk out of the bathroom and see they are all dressed.

"It's 9:15 and I want food." Ashton says. I see Calum already left.

"I agree." I say and I pick up my bag as I put on my black converse and walk out of my dorm. We all eat at 9:45 we walk to stage presence.

"So what all happens at stage presence?" I ask.

"Basically they make you pair up with one person and act out being at a concert. You have a band and yeah. Usually only do two people per lesson and yeah. So if your not chosen you can like pass out for the whole class." Luke says. I laugh at the last part.

"Passing out sounds good after me staying up till two and getting up at eight." I say. We reach the stage and I sit. I put my feet up on a chair in front of me and I pull out my phone.

"Heart! Hemmings! Irwin! Gomez! Get on stage!" Mr. Fulton yells.

"I thought you said it was only two." I whisper.

"Eh it was two pairs I guess." Luke says as we walk on.

"Okay here is your set list. Sing." He hands us the set list and I shrug.


"Oh yeah. He comments on everything you do wrong." Ashton whispers.

"Great." I whisper back.

"NO WHISPERING!" Mr. Fulton yells.

So basically the rest of the day went like that.

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