Heartbreak Girl

A girl named Alex Heart who goes by Alex and only Alex is a very famous girl but has a backround with Harry Styles. They grew up as neighbors, until he became famous and shortly after that, she did too. Harry admitted to falling in love with her after telling that story to the world he asked her to go out with him and she rejected. Permanently tainting her career. But when she is shipped off from her home in England to a school for celebrities and song writers she is brought back together with him. Along with him, Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings. The three all want her for themselves, but she just breaks hearts. Who will she break?


7. School Day Two

We had a long night of shopping. This morning I feel like a zombie as my alarm goes off at 7:30. I slam it and get up slowly. In my sleeping haze I walk, more of shuffle, to my bathroom. I turn on the lights and take a shower. Since all I have are private classes once I get out of the shower I put on a pair of black leggings and a red crop top the says "LOVE HURTS" in black. I brush through my hair and throw it up in a messy bun. I could easily make myself presentable with make up and putting my hair down. I'm not doing anything special that I know of tonight so I put on my glasses they are black thick nerd glasses but they look good on me. Considering I actually don't need glasses. I just wear them to look smart. Everybody does it. I also wore them because I am to lazy to do my make up today. I walk out of my bathroom after brushing my teeth and slide on a pair of toms. I grab my bag and I.D. and walk out of my dorm. It was only 8:00 but I had to get food. Harry opens his door and pulls me in. Literally.

"What Styles." I say annoyed.

"Here have food." He says handing me a plate of delicious looking food.

"Thanks." I say sitting in his desk chair as I cross my legs and start to eat.

"I like your shirt." He says pointing to what it says.

"Yeah I do too. Mainly because it's true." Harry nods in agreement and I finish my food. Then it's 8:30. I walk out and make my way to the other side of campus for some coffee from McDonald's. I eventually get that by 8:45. I drink it as I walk to the building with all of the studios in it. I'm not supposed to drink dairy products but oh well. Like I care. Did I mention that this campus is huge? Because it is. By the time I get to the studio it is 8:55. I walk into my assigned studio. It literally has my name on it. There is the piano, mic, guitar and drums. I guess this is where all my lessons take place. I see Liam Payne walk into a studio with his name on it across and two down from mine. Across from me is Selena. She waves and I smile. Soon my teacher for voice walks in and closes the blind.

"Hi I am Mrs. Luizzo. I will be your vocal and piano teacher." She says putting out her hand for me to shake.

"You already know who I am." I say smiling at her.

"So is this like my studio?" I ask her.

"Um yes it is. You can record songs in here if you like and all of your personal classes will be taken here." Mrs. Luizzo answers.

"Cool. So what so I work on today?" I ask. She as me start a song that my label wants me to sing. It's called Primadonna. By the end of the lesson my lungs feel like sand paper.

"So the board of directors would like you to perform that here for us at the dance." She says.

"That's cool." I say.

"See you again at two." I say walking out. The rest of the day goes by quickly. So it turns out Ashton wants to hang out with me in the game building so I just drop off my piano books and walk over there. Yes. I go there looking like shit. No make up, but I did take out my hair and left the glasses on. I get there and I see Ashton smiling and waving me over.

"What did you want idiot?" I ask him with a slight punch on his arm.

"Well I want to hangout with you, and so does Cal and Luke." He says.

"Okay then." I say.

"Yay!" Ashton says.

"One thing. Where is Calu- I mean Cal and Luke?" I asks.

"Over by the air hockey table." Ashton says and I quickly run over there.

"Hey boys!" I say and I see they are in like a death match for this game. Luke won. "I bet you I could bet you Ash." I say.

"As if Al." Ashton says mocking me calling him Ash.

"Oh it's on." I say. After about thirty minutes I beat him 10-5

"HAHAHAHA you didn't stand a chance." Calum says.

"Oh yeah you play her." Ashton says. So Calum does and thirty-two minutes later. I beat him 10-7.

"Shit. You're good." Calum says and Luke smacks him upside the head.

"Hey! Lady in the room!" Luke says.

"You try playing her. She really good." Calum says and Ashton nods in agreement.

"I just might." Luke says and we both start.

Thirty minutes later we have all of people in the game room, which were all guys might I add, interested in what we were doing. Considering the fact that we both were at eight right now. Of course all of the guys were cheering for Luke accept Ash and Cal. So that means basically everyone was a guy except me. So once Luke's score went up to nine. There was a very loud cheer. Luke turned around to slap everyone's hands and as he did that I took my shot and got my score up to nine too. Then everyone went quiet.

"Luke Luke Luke Luke Luke...." The boys were practically screaming. I roll my eyes and continue playing. Our score stayed like that until I hit it causing it to bounce off of the walls as it goes to Luke. It was faster than I or Luke had done before in the game. Luke moved his puck to the plastic chip to late and it sides into the goal releasing a very loud horn through out the game room. Everyone but Ash and Cal were cheering.

"Luke just got beat by a-" the random guy was cut of by a loudspeaker saying

"All students report to the main stage immediately." So we all walk out of there. As soon as we got there I noticed Luke as holding my hand. Um. Awkward. I don't know how to get out of this one. I'll just pretend I didn't notice. Yeah. I don't even know how he got to my hand. He wasn't even near me. Whatever. It doesn't mean anything right? We sat down and some person announced that there is in fact a dance this Friday, but we cannot attend alone. We must go with a member of the opposite gender. Well fuck my life. Oops didn't mean to say that one. Oh well. As soon as he finishes announcements Luke squeezes my hand. I look over at him smiling. Ugh why does this have to be awkward. So I casually look for Selena. I spot her and I casually let go as I go talk to her. Selena and I discuss somethings.

"Is that why you made me buy that dress?" I ask her.

"Why yes it is." She says and I roll my eyes and start walking to my dorm. Soon someone catches up to me and says

"We didn't really get to hang out." In look over and see Ashton pouting in the corner of my eye.

"Well you can come hang in my room." I say. Ashton skips ahead and says he will be there soon. I shake my head. That boy is so messed up I tell you. I get to my dorm and look at my clothes. I change into a sweatshirt and a pair of sweatpants. I put my hair up in a bun and go on my laptop. As I am checking tumbler there is a knock on my door. So I get up and I see Ashton there with a bag.

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