Heartbreak Girl

A girl named Alex Heart who goes by Alex and only Alex is a very famous girl but has a backround with Harry Styles. They grew up as neighbors, until he became famous and shortly after that, she did too. Harry admitted to falling in love with her after telling that story to the world he asked her to go out with him and she rejected. Permanently tainting her career. But when she is shipped off from her home in England to a school for celebrities and song writers she is brought back together with him. Along with him, Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings. The three all want her for themselves, but she just breaks hearts. Who will she break?


10. I promised

It was honestly hilarious to see the boys check their phone frantically when lunch was called. I met up with Selena and Demi as I walked out.

"So who'd you pick?" Selena asks.

"All of them, but none of them." I say opening my chicken salad.

"No." Demi says.

"Yes." I say smiling.

"So what are you gonna do for the dance?" Demi asks.

"Well I called up Austin and he said he would be glad to take me as a friend." I say with a smile.

"And is that what you said? Because if you did, girl, you got a hella lot of hate coming your way." Selena says. I smirk and say

"Pull up my twitter." I eat some of my food as Selena and Demi both do.

"Wow." Selena and Demi say at almost the exact same time.

"You really tweeted out that?" Selena says I nod remembering my tweet

AlexHeart17: Aww you boys are all so sweet, I can't go with all of you, but you each can get a dance. xx

Then I posted it with the three pictures tagged.

"You are so stupid its clever." Demi says laughing and I smile and continue eating.

Once lunch was over Demi left us and Selena and I walk back to the building. I sat down and Ashton came in. He glared then smiled at me. He walked over to me and I smirked.

"You might think you have won this Heart, this is far from over." He says and walks away. I look a Selena and say

"I didn't know he could change moods all of a sudden like that." Selena nods and Luke comes in immediately walking over to me.

"I will see you tonight." He says winks then walks away, okay that was weird. Soon Harry walks in and comes over to me and sits on the opposite side of me. I was sitting the middle of the auditorium, I like sitting in the middle, practically dead center because it was easier to see.

"Hello sweet heart." Harry says and I roll my eyes.

"Harry face it, you lose, I didn't pick you. Now go away." I say

"Oh you see you did pick me, just not totally, yet. You do realize that if you break all of our hearts how much hate you will have? Not that you can break mine, but just think about it. It's one or none. I know you don't want to have that problem now do you? Your choice is simple, me. You already love me, so just admit it to yourself and we will be just fine." He says.

"Listen here you little prick, I know that and what the hell makes you think I love you? You over sized piece of shit. I obviously won't pick you, so get out of the damn game when you're ahead, or at least think you are." I say almost yelling.

"Whatever you say babe." He says gets up and kisses my head leaving me so frustrated. This is why I hate boys, they are so fucking stupid and always think they will win. That is why I break hearts and not get heart broken because boys need to know what it feels like for us. I was heart broken once or twice. I promised myself that they will know what it feels like.

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