Where is She?

One year ago, David Tate found himself tangled into the mess that was created by his wife, Caroline, who is mentally ill. Just when everything's getting better and Caroline's finally becoming stable, she dissappears, leaving officials, family members, and friends to believe that she was kidnapped by a serial killer known as the X-man.


3. Chapter Three: Stitches

I dropped the kids off at my sister's house and drove to the hospital. The car ride felt like an eternity and with no one to talk to it seemed worse. It was like Caroline was in another world. She didn't respond when I called out her name as we arrived at the hospital. I walked her into the main lobby, people in the waiting room stared at her. They were probably looking at her blood stained shirt. She shouldn't have worn white. After signing in, I lead Caroline to seats in the far back. I could hear two women talking a few feet away. "There's no telling what he does to her at home, abusive bastard," one woman said, the other agreed. I knew they were talking about me, because of the occasional glances I'd get from them. I did my best to ignore them.

"Caroline Tate!" a nursed called. I quickly grabbed Caroline's hand and followed the nurse. The nurse lead us down the hall and into a room. Caroline laid down on the bed and I pulled up a chair and sat down next to her. Her hand was cold when I held it in my own. We waited for only a few minutes before the doctor and nurses came in. "Hello," a woman said coming into the room,"I am Dr.Hazari." Dr.Hazari looked at my wife's shirt wet with blood. "You are here for open wounds, correct?" She asked. "Yes," I answered. Caroline shifted nervously. The doctor walked up to my wife and rolled up her sleeves. She carefully took off the bandages, seemingly shocked by what she saw. Dr. Hazari addressed Caroline, "The cuts are too deep, you need stitches Mrs.Tate." Caroline responded with a nod.

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