Georgia has always trusted her loving-boyfriend John. But when his ruptured past is brought up by a new neighbor, Georgia is caught between love and hate towards him.


1. Moving In

The boxes were somewhat heavy, Georgia thought to herself as she carried what read, "antiques" from John's moving truck. He was such an easygoing guy, but with heavy crap. 

Georgia sighed. She knew she loved him, but the whole moving-in process was getting tiring. 

She trailed into the kitchen for a water bottle from her stainless steal refrigerator. Hands appeared on her waist as she drank. The strong, blistered hands belonged to John. As he went in for a kiss, Georgia pulled away. John potrayed a sad, discomforted, look. 

"I'm sorry, I am just tired and didn't get any sleep. I am going to go lay down. " She explained making her way in to her Paris-themed room. Her wide, king-size, bed seemed so lonely. Just sitting there. She sat down on it and laid back, feeling a soft, pillow under her neck. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Georgia was stunned. In the past year, she had met a guy she thought she loved, had parents pass away, and finish her Dr's degree. She opened her eyes and glanced at the neighbors next door, who were also moving in. They had a big, moving truck parked in their gravel driveway. That's when Georgia had realized a young woman was glancing her down through the window. Georgia quickly got up and left the room, unaware of what had just happened between them.

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