Vampires Rise

This isn't like any other vampire clique.


1. Vampires Rise (A SHORT STORY)

A/N: Hey guys, I just wanted to say before hand that this was a project for my English class. He asked us to do a multi genre paper about apocalypse and this indeed was mine. I never got it graded so I don't know how I didn’t but yeah. And a heads up, if you really enjoy this story I might be doing a whole novel on it maybe different characters and other things. Let me know what you guys thing. <3 thanks so much for your time.

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It felt as if my skin was going to melt right off of my body. It was too hot to be enjoying the California weather, but yet family and friends were outside having the time of their lives. I looked down at the beach, it was alive and well with children splashing around in the ocean. You could see people laying down laughing and tanning with their friends. I wanted to be down there enjoying the ocean’s cool waters with my friends. I sighed heavily as I went back inside before the heat got to me.


Of course any other day it would of been nice to walk into an empty house because I loved being home alone, but today it felt lonely. I took off my shoes and placed them neatly near the front door.  I could smell the scent of cinnamon all throughout our home and I frowned. I hated that smell and my mother knew it. I laid my purse on the couch and flopped down along side my cat. She began to purr as I felt her soft fur underneath my finger tips. What was I even going to do today?


I dug my phone out of my purse and searched for the number that belonged to my super best friend, Wren. I really badly wanted to hang out with her for the past couple months now. Since it was officially summer break and school just got out a couple weeks ago I figured she could just fly out here to see me. I am sure she missed me, or so I hoped. I waited for Wren to pick up her cell phone, and my wish very much came true.


Wren:     “Hey! Jinx! It has literally been forever.”

Me:     “Yeah I know I know, I have been waiting for school to get out. You should come visit.”

Wren:    “Already thought ahead of you, I am flying down very soon actually. well, I may or may not be in California at this very moment.”

Me:    “I really should've known better.”

Wren:     “You really need to know better.”

Me:     “I assume you are on your way then?”

Wren:    “Only to keep you company my dear.”

Me:     “I insist you hurry it up then, it is getting rather lonely, I might just have to go see Matty without you.”

Wren:     “Woah man, let’s not get carried away. Just wait I will be there soon enough. I will see you then.”


Eventually Wren did reach my house. She wasn’t kidding about already being in California, she was just waiting for me to call her pretty much. When she knocked on the door I got so excited. Actually I was so excited I tried to jump over the couch to answer but only tripped and fell. Whining and cursing under my breath, I still managed to get to the door to open it. I gave the best smile I could muster up and she just laughed.


“You tripped.”


“Did not.” I lied. very badly might I add.


“I know better than to believe you.” She smiled, pulling me into a hug.


I hugged her back, although I didn’t enjoy her short, brown, mess of a hair in my face. I accepted what I could get from a friend I haven’t seen in what felt like ages. I wanted to ask her a ton of questions that just piled up in my head the more I waited to open my mouth, but I decided to not pester her during our little reunion. When the hug was over we walked into the house. I could feel my shirt sticking to my skin and wished she hadn’t left the door open.


Wren had no problem making herself at home as she strolled over with her suitcase into the living room. She flopped down beside my purse and my cat and groped the air, trying to reach the t.v. remote. I couldn’t help but giggle at her actions. She eventually quit being lazy and actually grabbed the thing, turning on the television by the power button. I made myself comfortable on the couch beside her as she flipped through the stations to see what was all on.


“-the two girls are now in the hospital under critical condition, the other died before she could get to the hospital. Their friend, Stephanie claims it was vampires who had attacked-”  


Wren changed it.


“Turn that back on!” I shouted.




“Don’t ask questions, go back to the news!”


She did as I commanded, complaining about my lack of manners as she was doing so, but I needed to know what that news report was about. What did she mean she got attacked by vampires. My mind laughed at the idea, I mean she had to be mentally messed up seeing her friend die and all but I doubt it was a vampire, maybe just some crazy loonie who thought they were a vampire. When the station was back to the news they had stop talking about it, clearly they didn't think it was that important to mention.  


“You care about the way they are changing school lunches?” She asked, her face plastered with utter confusion. Yeah right.


I huffed. “Wren there was a girl who said her friends were attacked by a vampire.” I informed her, “I could care less about our school lunches.” I knew my eyes rolled because she hit me. “Habit, sorry.”


“There is no such thing as vampires Jinx. I would think you would know better.” She informed me.

“Why must you always assume this?” I asked, like it was a big shock to me not knowing better.


“-Wait, breaking news, there has seemed to be another so called ‘attack’.” The woman on the news had said, with a little more panic in her voice this time. If she didn’t believe it before she was definitely believing it now.  


“Well that cannot be a coincidence.” I said aloud, hitting the couch cushions with my hands. “This is crazy!”


“It is a conspiracy.” Wren laughed.


I stood up on the couch, flapping my arms everywhere, trying to get the fear out of my system. This was something to kind of freak out about but not take it too seriously. I realize the “problem” at hand but, It could all be some crazy prank a bunch of kids are playing to freak out the media or something dumb like that? Teenagers in California were indeed out of it, just use me as an example. How on earth could there be a such thing as vampires anyway?


Suddenly something made a buzzing sound and I realized that it was my phone, it almost scared me half to death and me, being the klutz I was, almost fell off of the couch. I looked to see who had text me and I laughed when I saw Birth Giver:



I heard the reporter continue talking and we listened to every word she had to say.


This just in, local police found three more bodies. The corpses were said to be bitten not only in the neck but in several other places, still they were drained of blood. Please, remove your children from the room as this is turning out to be a gory tail. Please make sure you are indeed in a safe area with doors and windows locked.-”


“Should we be worried?” Wren looked at me as if I had all the answers.


I shrugged. “No man, its just probably some teenagers on some hardcore new drug and now they are role playing.” I gave an uneasy laugh, knowing well enough that is not what it was. I felt that if I joked about it, Wren wouldn't worry so much, but Wren wasn’t stupid either. How could peoples deaths and injuries be played off as a joke? And if it was, that would be one sick and twisted scheme.


“Let’s just ignore it okay? Maybe if we ignore it the weird supernatural beings will no longer be a thing?” Wren gave a nervous chuckle.


“Yeah right.” I mumbled but I felt the fear welled up inside me. “Let’s just continue to watch the news okay? I feel safer knowing what’s going on.”


She nodded and turned the volume of the t.v. up a little more so we could hear it. We sat there on the couch just staring at the television, waiting for something crazy to happen. The news reports were still going on. Some more bodies were found, each worse than the first. Not only bites but gashes and removed flesh. There was even a report of the body being unrecognisable as a human body at first look. All the blood was drained by each victim though, that was the only thing that was continuous in the stories. The sick thing was these attacks weren’t just happening just in the woods where no one could hear you scream, they were happening in public now. I have never seen Wren more speechless in her life, and once she accidentally peed herself the day of the talent show, right up in front of everyone.


“Matt!!” Wren screeched, scaring me out of my thoughts.


I looked at her as if she was crazy. “What about him?”


“My poor baby is probably so scared right now!” She continued to shout. Her poor baby? Matt scared? She was the one shaking.


“Would you keep it down.” I punched her in the arm. “Calm down I am sure he is fine. I will check my emails to see if he messaged me. Doubt it though, he is probably sleeping or getting eaten as we speak.” I chuckle, pulling out my phone and going through my inbox.


“I do not find that even a little bit funny, you jerk.” She grumbled at me, setting her phone on the coffee table.


As I went through my email, passing ads and some college things. I cursed under my breath at Matt for not wanting to use a phone. “I like emailing” he would say “Its pleasing to my soul” I finally saw an unopened email from Matt and did a joyful dance in my brain. I pushed thing faster than I could ever push any other thing on this planet. the email read:




“You think he would know the difference between their and they’re.” Wren giggled, getting off the couch.


“Where are you going?” I asked, eyebrows raised.


“To Matty’s.” She replied bluntly grabbing her jacket out of her suit case.


“What? You aren’t going outside while those… Things are out there!” My heart began to race. Once she said she was going to do something, she was going to succeed in doing it. “I understand you care about Matt, but aren’t you scared?”


“Matty doesn’t even live that far away from here Jinx, I will be fine. I am pretty fearless when it comes to this stuff by the way. I watched plenty of horror movies, learned how to not be the one to trip over her own shoes and get possessed by demons.”


I hesitated a bit, not knowing what to say. I chewed on my bottom lip, more so over nerves. I have not been able to see these terrifying creatures yet but I sure wasn’t ready to go out there and just get my blood drawn in a more vicious manner. I didn’t just want to casually bump into one on the street and I sure wasn’t going to let Wren either.


“Let me come with you.” I finally spit out.


She shook her head. “No can do.”


What? “No, I am coming with you!” Was she really insisting I don’t attend this horrifying adventure with her?


All the sudden I heard something crash upstairs. It sounded as if something big hit the ground. My whole body froze and my breathing came to a complete stop, but that didn’t stop my heart from almost jumping out of my chest. I looked at Wren and knew she had heard the same thing that I did. There was nothing but total horror plastered on her face.


“We have to go.” Wren whispered, tiptoeing to the front door.


“hold on!” I whispered back. I walked slowly on the other side of the counter and opened a drawer. There, laying on top of a bunch of my dad’s work papers, was a black hand gun. I didn’t know what exactly killed these things but I knew it had to be something, and since guns kill people maybe they kill these vampires too. I picked it up, holding it with my left hand. I was a pretty decent shot, my dad had taught me how to use it when he got it and technically this gun was mine. He wanted me to be safe if they couldn't be home to protect me themselves they wanted me to know how.


Another noise from upstairs sent our eyes darting to the direction of the stairs. I stared for what felt like a good whole hour but it was only a couple of seconds. All of the sudden I heard something stomping down the stairs and my insides died. I felt like I was going to hurl, that is how horrified I was. I looked at Wren and she almost ripped the door right off its hinges the way she opened it so fast. She took off first and I didn’t hesitate to run after her. I refused to look back at what was really left behind at my place.


We sprinted down the street in the dark. I could smell blood when I breathed in the night time air but that could've been my own imagination. I caught up with Wren and we ran at the same pace. “Are we being followed?” She asked.


“I-I don’t know.” I answered, beginning to struggle to control my breathing, between the lack of exercise and the terror that was running throughout my whole body.


I watched as Wren turned her head to look back at us. “Don’t look back.” She began to run faster.


“Don’t look back? What do you mean don’t look back!” I shouted. “No way man, is it chasing us??”


“Would you like me to lie to you?” She cut the corner, and darted in the direction of Matt’s house.




“If-” you could tell she was struggling to breath now too. “If you use that gun there might be more of them to hear it.”


This night was definitely not working out in our favour. “I am legit going to pee myself.” I whined.


“Remember when I used to go to camp.” She asked me, cutting into someones yard, I followed behind, nodding and hoping she saw me. “Well this camp wasn’t just a normal camp.” I watched as she pulled out a knife. The blade was long and it shined in the moon light. “We learned how to shoot guns, bow and arrows.” She turned around and started running backwards. She pulled her arm back, blade in her hand and her right eye closed. “even how to throw knives.”


I turned to look as she chucked the knife behind us. I finally look around and saw someone hunched over but I assumed her aim was spot on because the hunched figure fell over and didn’t move. She stopped running and I also slowed down. Wren looked around before walking where the creature was just laying. I felt fear creep up and I got chills down my spine.


“I don’t think you should go check it out.” I said.


“Oh shut up.”


“How did you know how to do that anyway??” I asked as I followed behind her over to the lying figure.


“Camp.” She kneeled down at the body. “I just told you that.”


Who just casually learns these things at summer camp? “Did your parents sign you up for some like How-To-Be-Cooler-Than-A-SWAT-Team camp?”


She ignored my little joke and when she did I finally got a good look at this vampire thing. I kneeled down on the other side of the body and what I saw was horrifying. This thing looked human maybe at one point but under the moonlight his skin almost looked grey. His eyes were wide open, completely white though no colour and no pupil. He looked rabid the way there was white foam stuff coming out of his mouth. There was also blood all down his chin and on his shirt. he looked like he bathed in blood.


“Does he have fangs?” I asked curiously, wondering is he was a vampire at all and just not a zombie.


“that is so cliche.” Wren gave a small chuckle.


I glared at her. She was acting nothing but different since she came over to my house. Wren was now confident, brave, she threw weapons and nailed it perfectly, and she some how thought that fangs were so cliche. Like she didn’t believe in what I was asking. What was up with this girl, was she like some secret agent and now she decides to show off?


“It seems like they are just running wild.” Wren said, standing up.


“Like they are crazy rabid.” I continued her assumption with a thought of my own.


“Something like that yeah.” She grabbed her knife’s handle and yanked it out of the creature’s head. She faced the direction of Matt’s house and started to continue on her own little mission.


The walk wasn’t that far away. I was joyful that we didn’t run into anymore problems, not that I was worried if we did, I had my secret agent best friend just mowing vampires down out of no where. I was curious as to where she picked up this extra curricular activity though, it was weird to me. Wren slowly opened the door to Matt’s house. The lights were off and I began to fear for Matt’s life. Was my crazy friend okay? I held the gun up when we took a few steps inside.


I roamed passed the kitchen table and found a note that looked to be in Matt’s hand writing:


I couldn't help but roll my eyes at how dramatic Matt was. He was really ridiculous and I don’t even understand how we became friends. I chuckled a little. “Wren, come look at this.” I whispered. “Wren?” I whispered again after I heard nothing.


I turned around to see no Wren in my line of vision. She was probably too busy looking for her lover to bother sticking around. I took a peak around the corner to where I could see Matt’s living room. There was no one as far as I could tell with it being so dark.  She probably assumed he would be upstairs cradling himself in the fetal position. I wanted to laugh at the thought but sure enough I hear a shuffle coming from up the stairs. I pointed my gun out in front of me and slowly made my way up the stairs, trying not to make any sound.


“Wren.” I whisper out into the darkness of the house. “Matt?”


“Over here.” I heard a faint whisper. I looked around frantically. I couldn’t tell whose voice it belonged to. I continued to point the gun in the direction I was facing. I refused to put it down just in case it was a trick. “Jinx!” The voice hissed.


“Matt?” I asked again, knowing it was probably him.


“Over here.” Wow descriptive.


“Matt, over where??”


“Wren and I are over here, in the closet.” I looked over at the hallway closet and poked my head in, refusing to put the gun down. “Oh my god put that down before you kill someone!” Matty hissed at me.


I shook my head. “Thought I was going to die all alone.”


“Says the one who has been out skipping around slaying vampires all day. I have been the real victim of loneliness.” Matt huffed.


“And you,” I squinted my eyes and pointed an accusing finger at Wren, even though I knew she couldn’t see. “You just left me all alone to fend for myself. You are a jerk!”


Nothing was said and I squinted to try and see them both. Wren’s finger was covering her mouth, signalling for both of us to stay quiet. I began feeling nervous and turned around slowly, facing my gun in the direction of the noise. My eyes were frantically searching for movement. I didn’t want to see another one of those things and didn’t want to fire this gun at one of them either. I had no desire to go through this I just wanted to have a completely normal day. Ha, normal.


Someone grabbed the back of my pants and pulled me into the closet. I knew better to scream because I knew it was only my dumb friends trying to save my dumb life. Someone closed the door quietly and I tried my hardest to look at the both of them. It was indeed a difficult job considering I couldn’t even see my own hand in front of my face, but I dealt with it.


“So what do you think these things are doing here?” Matty whispered quietly.


I shrugged and then remembered it was dark. “I don’t know.”


“Maybe they had this whole thing planned out from the beginning.” Matt said.


“It seems like they have no self control though.” Wren pointed out. “When we were out getting chased, it didn’t try to really communicate with us and they are kind of roaming around like they are crazy.”


I nod in agreement. “They do seem to be a little out of it.”


“So why all of the sudden start to attack now? There are so many of them around all of the sudden.” Matt wondered.


“Maybe they are being controlled?” Wren suggested.


“There is no way it’s that logical all of the sudden.” The idea was insane to me.


“No think about it Jinx” Matty spoke up “I have watched these things when I was looking outside my window. They seem confused. Even on the news, if you hear about the first couple of attacks they do seem planned but these things cannot speak. The way they attack is so uncivilized too, they just want blood.”


I shook my head, still they couldn’t see me but i didn’t want to speak. My friends actually believed there was some crazy plan behind this. Maybe they are just a bunch of druggies just like that guy in Florida on bath salts. “Again, why does it have to be a whole freaking plan. Can’t we just assume that there is no logic behind it. They are all just crazy.” I tried to keep my voice down, but no one was listening to me.


“Maybe there is a queen bee.” Matt whispered.


“Yeah!” Wren raised her whispering voice. “Like there is someone who runs all of it?”


I shook my head no. That was absurd. “That’s crazy.”


“Think like the movies, Jinx.” Matt told me.


“Do you hear that?” Wren asked. “Shhh.”


I could feel the nervousness in the tiny closet. Something banged on the door and I jumped out oh my spot I was sitting at. The banging continued until the doorknob started to violently rattle. I pointed my gun at the door, ready for anything to come out at us. All the sudden the door flew open and one of those creatures came flying at us, right on top of Matt. Matt didn’t have time to react and neither did I because I was scared out of my mind. Wren pushed my finger down on the trigger after aiming the gun at the vampire. The thing went limp on top of Matt’s body. Wren dragged the vampire off of him and frantically checked Matt for possible wounds.


“Are you okay?” I asked matty, concerned for my dear friend.


“No! The ugly thing bit me!” He screeched.


Wren and I both backed up. When you hear that someone was bit by something, its like hearing they have a disease. “Oh matty.” Wren let out, falling her her knees beside him. “Oh my love.”


This was horrible. I felt like it was my fault for not pulling the trigger fast enough. I was too scared to even move when it opened the door finally. “I am so sorry Matty.” I cried out.   


Wren looked at me, horrified that her little lover had just been attacked. “What do we do??” She asked. It was weird to see how scared she was, because just a few minutes ago she was kicking butt and taking names. I looked at the horror on both of my best friends faces and began feeling sad and scared for Matt.


“Is that the light.” He lifted up his hand dramatically. “Grandma, is that you?”


“Knock it off you jerk!” Wren started to sniffle a bit, I knew she was about to cry.


I shook my head. “Even now he is a drama queen.” I tried to hold back the tears.


“I’ll be fine. Just, go on without me.” He tries to tell us, and gives a little fake cough.


again I shook my head. “Did you even get bit?”


“I am just trying to lighten the mood.” He chokes out, this time actually spitting up blood. “I love you guys.” He lets his own tears fall this time. “I-” He coughed up some more fluid. “I really am happy we got to be together.”


“Don’t talk like that!” Wren yelled. “You are going to be fine!”


“You have to go.” Matty said softly. “I don’t know what’s going to happen.”


“You are going to walk out of here alive that is what will happen.” Wren wiped her tears with the back of her hand. I just sat there, frozen.


“Please, I could turn and I don't wanna-” His voice began to slowly die out and his eyes closed.


“NO! MATTY!” Wren screeched, shaking him by his shirt. “You can make it! You are strong!”


I didn’t want to leave him, but someone had to be the strong one. “We have to go.” I have a slight pull on her forearm. “Wren we have to leave.”


Matt started to shake a little. “No it’s okay.” She smiled. “He is waking up!”


When Matt opened his eyes hey were all white, nothing was there not even pupils. I knew that he had turned.


“We have to get out of here now!” I yelled, pulling her up and sprinting down the stairs. I could hear Matty stomp down the wooden stairs, following behind.


We ran out the door and right when we did, a bunch of hunched over figures were standing right in front of Matt’s house. The street lamps were illuminating their grey faces. Their mouths dripping in

red and white foam. This was it.


“Is this the end?” Wren cried out. “There is no way we can fight them all off!”


This was the horrible moment where the people in the movies knew they were going to die, so they hugged, held hands or whatever. I knew that’s what Wren wanted to do. She held on tightly to my arm and I couldn't hold back my smirk much longer. She looked at me confused, her cheeks moist from her tears. It almost made me sad. Almost.

I pull her into a hug and whisper in her ear. “It will all be over soon, my servant.” I felt a tear fall on my shoulder, but didn't let it bug me. I sank my teeth into the pulsing vein in her neck, draining her of the warm liquid I craved most.


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