Neverending Destiny

Out of know where appeared a dark array of energy hovering over the Woodland which it then began to take hold of the of the Enchanted Tree of Life where it than started to drain the life force out of the forsaken tree and kill those who are willing to do anything to protect the Tree's vulnerable keep secrets from escaping the clutches of the High Woodland Elves of Unle Edhil who have for centuries been the guardians of the Lonely Covert Forest and whatever that lies beyond the borders of an ancient Elven City of Mytal Caelora


1. The Broken Pieces of the Beginning

In the Lonely Covert Woodland lived an almost existent race of wood elves. The woodland elves live in content with Mother Nature. They were not a race that is tolerable for the destruction of what they called home for nearly two hundred and fifty years after the great battle between the Drow elves over territory escalated to a fire that wiped half the populace of Woodland elves and made them take refuge in the Lonely Covert Woodland for more than a decade. Woodland elves have the power to change themselves into wolves at their own will. Unlike real wolves, these elves retain their saneness and awareness, while transforming into wolves. On a fine winter’s morning after a disconcerting visit from the fairy queen Medlinien companied by elven sentinels, Barkydle to took his leave  from  the Lonely Covert Woodland with disconcerting news that what he is set out to collect does not merely exist. Out of nowhere, a grisly snowstorm covered the entire realm in a blanket of fluffy white snow leaving them defenseless against the callous winter atmospheric conditions they were having to deal with. It has been said that an enchantment has been placed over these ridged lands by the one they call Devenny Plumprussia a sorceress who has cursed these lands because of a fallout between Dwarf King Thadransorg and herself many years ago.

My name is Codyn Pyriteclan and I am the daughter of Dwarf King Thadransorg. As some of you might have guessed, I am dwarven princess from Kingdom of Khorfalduhr for many years now has  been at the brink of war with our rival clansmen over territory that my father won’t give up easily. That night has a horrid storm had originated out of nowhere it had struck me as odd knowing that the one they call Upiorzyca is responsible for the ongoing snowstorm that will never come to an end because of a never-ending conflict between my father and herself over a matter that has something to do with me. It was nearing might night and I found myself wondering beyond the fortified castle walls of Khorfalduhr while I was fast asleep not aware of my immediate surroundings. As the snowstorm grew vehement, I found myself laying half-conscious on the snow-covered earth of the Lonely Covert Woodland, which I heard so many stories of when I was a young girl. The stories that my parents have told me I wondered if the rumors were true about the hidden secrets of the elven cities which lie beyond the borders of the known realm belonging to the old-folk of Barrowcoast.

Overwhelmed with fear and stricken emotions all I could think about was ending my life quick and simple, but that was not going to happen any time soon. For few moments as I lay helplessly frozen to woodland floor getting the feeling that I was being watched deep within the snow layden woodland that is when the sound of breaking of branches in the distance putting me on high alert for something much worse which was headed in my direction as if it smelled the blood of a wounded animal nearby or the fear that I was giving off. Slowly as my breathing started to weaken, I started to lose consciousness making everything around me larger then they appeared. Without expectancy standing before me was an attractive benevolent white horse dressed in fine armor; its ride was a female wood elf dressed in a titanium thin chest plate along with a brilliantly crafted longbow wrapped tightly in her grasp ready to fire a bow at any given moment given the chance. Her golden white hair was glimmering in the shimmer of the offset of the full moon, which somehow gave her the appearance of a Greek goddess; dressed in silky white laced gown that flowed beautify over her slender figure which was concealed beneath the titanium chest plate to protect her from any sudden attacks against the clueless, joyful, alienated giant male snowy owl who is always looking for a challenge. His wardrobe consisted of combat armor and metal battle talons to always be primed for the unexpected. Silvanus is vastly nomadic and his movements are tied to the profusion of his primary prey instincts. He is known to be highly aggressive to anyone who disturbs his home and is always on the prowl for anyone looking to cause harm to the woodland. The giant snowy owl is the guardian and sole protector of the Lonely Covert Woodland from unwanted trespassers who want to raid the woodland of it precious medicinal properties belonging to the Elven King Thurindaer of Unle Edhil, which is to be found in the heart of the Lonely Covert Woodland.

The safety of the realm depends on the sole protection from Norgeon Ruzim a Changling from over the Plymarc Mountains who was summoned by the council of elders who want to put an end to all the destruction caused by an out all war against the Elven King Minasben and the Dwarven King Aindreas Greenmud over some dispute many years ago. During the battle between King Aindreas Greenmud and Elven King Minasben, things started out all right then it turned into a freaking blood bath. Elven King Minasben delivered the first blow focused on his defense and let his muscles settle into the rhythm of combat. He had not been very truthful with King Aindreas Greenmud and said the treaty between Elven and Dwarf alike is still strong, but that was a lie. King Aindreas Greenmud knew that something was not right and that the treaty between the two kingdoms, which was now, jeopardizes the alliance, because of a decision that went horribly erroneous. After several minutes of attempting to past King Aindreas Greenmud buttresses, Elven King Minasben had lost his temper and begun to thrash him as if to pound him into the ground. The dwarven King had anticipated a rapid victory and easy embarrassment, not an equal opponent like the Elven King Minasben, which fumed his annoyance about the treaty being broken that is when he began to curse in his dwarven language of Dwarvish. Both warriors began to fight for their lives. King Minasben would not be happy with pretense wounds and triumph, the only thing was he was out to kill and nothing would stand in his way at accomplishing his objective and that is to eradicate King Aindreas Greenmud and let his people live peacefully without living in fear for the rest of their lives.  

Beyond the border of Plymarc Mountains lies, something most perfidious that most did not dare speak of. Those who had ventured beyond the Plymarc Mountains never returned alive, leaving may people to horrified by the dangers that lurk beyond what the naked eye could not see. More than a few times large black bonetongue mountain dragons were spotted leaving the Plymarc Mountains ordered by Rakshasas an evil biding mountain troll doing the dirty work of Devenny Plumprussia a sorceress from Darrumburgh Palace belonging to the malevolent Ambrosia Gwendolyn an enduring soccer who was once accused of claiming the lives of a village not known to the old-folk to which he used Blessed Sphere of Flame which  discinerate everyone in plain view to ash. Leaving nothing, but death along with a curse, that encircled these lands with a dark force strong enough to penetrate anything within it range. Many know these forbidden lands as desolated and arid. The wildlife in these parts no longer seems to exist because of the force that lingers to destroy any and everything that try to survive. Unbelievably it was once said that these desolated and arid lands use to hold many untold secrets beholding its beauty now lies desolated like a creepy necropolis behind an old abandoned ecclesiastical.

Meanwhile in the Lonely Covert Woodland as the leaden snow appears, the temperature seems to drop right down to freezing. Cowering before the cold as I made my way through the snow covered woodland along the way I spotted a fluffy white race of snow monkey’s joyously swinging from the snow-covered branches of Bolean Maple without a care in the world. Graciously as I made my way through the woodland quietly as possible when a curious male snow monkey stopped me in my tracks to check me out and made its way back up the Bolean Maple to join the rest of its family of snow monkeys who don’t seem to be bother about the change in the weather. As a great and might fog drew ever so close; from the distance I convinced myself that something was emanating from a hollow of an old Black-eyed Spoolwood tree was small and nimble winter woodland gnome who rarely encounters the old-folks because of stories told about them. Selmurus a winter woodland gnome who is truly shy and does not feel the need to act together with other mystic creatures who reside in the Lonely Covert Woodland for over a century. However, Selmurus is the kind of gnome that is fond of burrowing animals and has a sense of kinship with many of these miniscule mystical creatures that share common interest of the woodlands is to protect its many secrets from ever leaving this place, which would put everything in harm’s way.

In the distance of the magical realms, appearing out of the blizzard came down from The Desolated Mountain was none other than Bruniikdaal a mighty and powerful dragon whose has a stocky build with a very long and wide tail; with a hook like extensions. Its body was covered in charcoal colored scales, long its belly the shade is a lot lighter than the rest of its body. Bruniikdaal has impenetrable limbs with four spread out digits on each foot that ends with very lengthy claws. However, this mighty dragon has the wingspan greater than sixty feet in length, but has the wingspan of two hundred and fifty feet in length for an average of a fully-grown dragon of massive proportions. Discouraging as this might sound but this monumental dragon has a large set of sharp pointed incisors protruding from his gigantic wide mouth, which could rip, and tear at a carcass of an animal twice its size just for the sake of killing. This colossal monster is vile, evil tempered, and gripped with death. He lives in a malodourous, humid cave in the Desolated Mountains where he seeks the comfort of the sickening-sweet aroma of drowned, rotting carcasses of a dead Moss-covered Panda along with many other type of animal remains leftover from what appeared to be a lifetime of misery alone in the Desolated Mountains of Greladric. Across the cursed lands, Bruniikdaal is recognized for his mirror-like amber-colored eyes which resembles the mere memory of volcanic molten lava that used to cover the lands more then quarter of a century before it was discovered that a volcano had erupted killing those elven people who belonged to Taeghen Moondown a forgotten realm that was nearly destroyed by the devastation left by the Tekeh Volcano so long ago.

Sitting quietly and alone in the garden of Elilijar was the high elf commander Cloron surrounded by elite guards of King Minasben so that no harm falls upon him while awaiting to meet the elven elders for a chance to redeem himself for the wrongs he has caused this galère by declaring himself an outsider for saying that he isn’t what he believes himself to be and that is an elf of high order and potential of something great. Outfitted in glistening metallic body armor engraved with the symbol of a tree belonging to Unle Edhil a mighty and powerful majestic elven kingdom, which has been the center of focus because of the medicinal properties, which lies beneath the very earth, the kingdom is built upon. The known realms are not only seeking sanctuary but also a protector who will keep them from harm’s way proven to be a guardian of the peace. Safeguarded high up in the Elven Mountain of Sorfildor lies a secret greater than anything which King Minasben is ready to die for; a secret which could literally destroy the known realms if it somehow the secrets got released out in the open which would be like relinquishing the hidden secrets to a vengeful sprit that will stop at nothing until it gets what its wants.

Grappling tightly in her grasp was a Shadowleaf Willow Arbalest longbow with an arrow pointed directly in line fire of Shakmunojin a devilish Snow-troll spying on the Lonely Covert’s natural resources which helps keep the flow of things running smoothly. Sharp hearing and equipped with excellent sensing of smell and keen eyesight was none other than Eowerrac a female half-Tanuki is a night watchman who patrols the entire woodland to make sure that nothing tries to enter without sworn permission from King Minaben himself or else they are permissible to be executed by an Elven Scimitar which will cleanly decapitate without leaving a blood trail. Eowerrac has an angular build. Her wardrobe consists of old hand-me-down silk velvet acid-etched clothes that are attached with Art Nouveau leaf designs. These hand-me-down clothing use to belong to Elven Princess Brenna Saucyfruit but somehow found their way into the hands  of Eowerrac who was able to make them fit her rangy physique since she is  still very young and fragile but has the smarts better equipped someone twice her age. For a non-human her ancestors gave her a strangely attractive appearance. She has blue eyes, a fair complexion, and curly light brown hair neatly braided. Her preferred weapon is an Infused Longbow, which she is good at. However, she is missing a few fingers from an accidental snow eagle attack who was protecting her younglings from being a vulnerable next target; presumably, she was at the wrong place at the wrong time from attack from taking place.

Trekking across the arid snow ridged moors of Wuyzeysia was Norgeon Ruzim a changling who was accompanied by an ill-informed, artistic, sanctimonious male half-Cyclops forecaster. He is muscular built with relatively interesting symbolic tattoos lengthways of his muscular well-defined forearms and on one side of his relatively large defined head he has the symbol of a dragon holding a shield and two long blades identifying where his place of origin is and what household he belongs to. His non-human ancestry is not apparent, but he has some anomalous qualities, which are hinting at his origin. Norgeon Ruzim other companying’s are a male. Accompanying Norgeon and Half-Cyclops across the arid snow ridged moors of Wuyzeysia was a colossal Tiger Husky from Unle Edhil a rare breed that was almost killed out because of the large tusks it has to the front of its massive head, which it uses to take down large prey and to protect itself from poachers who are killing them out because of their rare beauty as a species.

After couple of days trekking across the arid snow ridged moors of Wuyzeysia Norgeon accompanied by the Half-Cyclops and the colossal Tiger Husky found themselves in mystical mountains of The Wondering Subterrane where they stumbled upon an unruly two-headed kaleidoscopic serpent like creature who seeks refuge in resonating watering holes where it spends most of its days hunting cave rats for its meal for pestering the surrounding areas beyond The Wondering Subterrane where the rats are known to rummage and destroy precious raw materials belonging to the mountain gnomes of Puioburg. Plunged in the deep waters of resonating watering holes lurks the kaleidoscopic serpent always keeping its eyes alert for any sudden movements above the water to ensure that it ensnares whatever it catches in its poison spiderlike web. Secreting from the hallow cracks of the cave floor was an intoxicating vapor which was putting the weary travelers to sleep. In a sleep like trance, a majestic female elven ghost was haunting both Norgeon and the Half-Cyclops. She has a fair complexion, with curly blonde hair in a mid-length braid, with blue eyes. She is short and a bit pudgy. She died while exploring the mystical mountains of The Wondering Subterrane. That is when she unexpectedly awakened the repugnant looking mountain hobgoblin, by stumbling across its resting place guarding the huge mound of treasured gold to which it was protecting from prying eyes of the old-folk and other subspecies of these horrid lands.

The line of Wisdom shall be concealed in anticipation of the Shield being broken and the woodlands are made of assegais. Iswen a female elven priestess was standing at the stain glass windows of the High Elven Church of Laldurin. It is considered the holy ground by all but the reprehensible Dark Elves of Unranneas. Iswen is tall with long brown hair and gray-blue eyes. She wears humble clothing along with silk gloves. Iswen serves Awdione, an ancient but forgotten Elven Goddess of Mother Nature and Obsidian an ancient Elven demi power, risen mortal and god of retaliation and reckoning. This deity is exclusive to the Dark Elves of Unranneas where it wreaks havoc amongst mortal man to cause them pain and travail all over mortal realms belonging to the Emerald Kings of Eruesmea.

Far beyond the reach of any mortal being lies the talisman of perpetual chaos, which endeavors to destroy anything in its oncoming path. Lying in wait was the notorious bad tempered two-headed feathered Basilisk, which was positioned beneath an ancient Hovering Ambrosia laced in what appears to be poisonous moss known as noctiluca, which could kill a fully-grown mountain troll if accidently passing by the beautified Hovering Tree located along the snow-covered mountains of Keana‘āwī Ridge located halfway across the Dragon Kingdom of Vorlianth guarded by a two headed massive Lithuanian Flametooth dragon with only the sole purpose to safeguard and protect the elder dragons and their forefathers against unlawful assassination attempt made by none other than the Icy Guardian Spirits of Assadar. Who have been trying to take down the dragon founding fathers for more than half a century because of a keep secret that has been set in stone by none other than Bonespawn the Pallid who is a fierce and mighty killing machine brought to this earth by a cataclysmic Meteorite shower which was to annihilate what was left of the Scaled Hagravens of Baexauvania who  are foreign to the lands of the Old Ones. Instead, it split them apart and enraged the equality of their friendship to the point of chaos and destruction where they left their unforgettable mark to be recognized later in life.

Standing at the utmost point of The Moaning Summit was The Guardian of Sun and the Moon with a Warped Oakwood Scepter in his grasp pointed in the direction of the rising moon and speaking in his tongue of an unrecognizable language belonging to the celestial Igyn, Goddess of Night & Day. As the sun was beginning to set quite in the distance was none other than the Lonely Covert Woodland. Out of know where appeared a dark array of energy hovering over the Woodland which it then began to take hold of the of the Enchanted Tree of Life where it than started to drain the life force out of the forsaken tree and kill those who are willing to do anything to protect the Tree’s vulnerable keep secrets from escaping the clutches of the High Woodland Elves of Unle Edhil who have for centuries been the guardians of the Lonely Covert Forest and whatever that lies beyond the borders of an ancient Elven City of Mytal Caelora


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