The Secret Behind the Forbidden Truth

Minutes had passed before realizing that after the death of Cornelius McDaniel there was nothing that family could have done to prevent it from happening.After reminiscing for minutes on end knowing that, the McDaniel family would, take immediate action to avenge the one they have truly lost.The murder took place in the old McDaniel residence.As I the hour skulked by sluggishly, I began to reminisce about the homicide case, which intrigues me to know more about all that occurred the night before the murder took place.McDaniel was somebody that was very close to the family, perhaps a family member or even a family friend.Would not know without any possible eyewitnesses to testify what they had seen the night before Cornelius McDaniel departed from this earth on the morning of July 25 1888.



In the coming months after all the strange occurrences started emerging out of nowhere. Many odd disappearances started escalate to something far worse than expected. The people are worried that something sinister would apprehend the ongoing investigation, which put Seamus Bridgman behind bars to rot for the callous crimes he has committed.


Misleading as it may be to know that lurking in the shadows holds in the truth to be explained to what really happened the night Cornelius McDaniel was brutally murdered in his slumber in the middle of July at what seemed an dreadful hour in the morning. It stills holds significant clues to go by which is still concerning to Scotland Yard who cannot seem to get a handle of the seriousness which is still a problem.


For the time being minuscule things have started occurring in and around the East End of London; were, undesirable things have transpired into something horrible. Sudden deaths started be falling these streets because of the underprivileged people living like animals to survive upon them. Is merely something that London will not change until it is too late? However, then again why is it always the innocent who are on the borderline of being erroneously blamed for something they know they had no earlier connection in?


Earlier that day something atypical arose out of people gossiping about what little proof Scotland Yard had determining whether a second person was involved in Cornelius McDaniel's death. It stills leaves a missing piece of the puzzle unanswered. Could they have imprisoned the wrong man of a murder, which he has no recollection of? In addition, is it possible that the killer is still out on the prowl for a new soul victim to target next? It is still a matter of time before the killer makes any sudden mistakes to link him to the earlier crimes he has committed in the past.


Misconception is something that most cannot simply understand because of their faulty thinking towards the knowledge of simplicity in the matter distinguished between life and death. Mistrusting those who think they know everything about the world around us is merely hypocritical since the knowledge is all around us with each breath we take. Disregarding, the sole purpose of why everything about the McDaniel murder is just cast a side as if there is nothing that can be done to resolve the problem and to collaborate with the family to see if there is anything that is missing regarding eyewitness accounts of the incident, which includes the servants of the household who know something which they aren't willing to discuss with the London Constabularies.


To make matters worse there appears to be an imitator out there who is mirroring the supposedly London Absentee Killer so that Scotland Yard would think he is back in town to finish the job off he did not yet complete. Soundly as that may sound, I honestly do not think with such absurd behavior could there ever be a more sinister approach in dealing with the imposter pretending to be the London Adsense Killer.


Denying that an imposter is simultaneously killing many victims in such a way which will somehow shock the entire populous of London due to the commendable outbreak of a massive killing spree which has now place the entire city under immense pressure sent forth to punish them for the past they have solemnly lived over and over. After leaving the populous of London convinced that, something, which cannot be prevented because the so-called government is afraid to take immediate action against criminals terrorizing London by targeting those who believe that they do not have nothing to offer if they are still alive which is sad to know that people would give their lives for something as simple as death.

Engrossed with the fact that frequent liabilities may take the city by surprise with everything that has been happening over the course of what appears to be months. Apprehensively as the McDaniel, family deals with unprecedented matters, which now leaves them openly targeted for future attacks, which presumably lingers in the open waiting like a lion stalking its prey to slaughter for the next kill. In and around the darken streets were roughly thirty thousand street merchants who were each peddling his or her own particular goods from a pushcart sell all kinds of goods. All throughout the pristine city lingers in the dark infinitesimal shadows of existing torment, the rustic brass oil lamps burn bright leaving a radiant glow of illumination, which strives to eradicate the evil doings of the Prince of Darkness whose only weakness is to witness the destruction of humankind in all its glory.


East- End London was a dark and miserable place, which had no, sanitation and sewage system, besides all the filth ran openly through the congested, incomprehensible streets. As for women, there was hardly any work available and that is because many of these women became unemployed and were forced turned to become prostitutes to survive the horrible conditions of the East End. For many women, their only escape from the abysmal lives they were living and that is why they became out of the frame drunks. Many women choose to live the hard standard of living from the time when they became unemployed had no other choice but turn to prostitution as there only way out for the sake of living. Escaping the foul order and malodourous vapors, which were choking the streets acutely that at time it was not even likely to see your own hands that were place in front of your face during the greenish colour vapors floating in the air we breathe.


It is a matter of time before anyone realizes that city is being attacked by a horrendous outbreak of the black plague, which has wiped half the population of London due to the heavily populated rat population, which dawdles beneath the city streets looking to cause chaos among street labors and dwellers by spreading their deadly infectious disease which will take effect as the ailment which breaks down the body natural immunize system as they lay dying on their death beds with chronic pain they have to suffer.


The first signs of the pestilence were that distensions started spearing in areas of the body, which includes the groin as well as the armpits. However, if untreated the swellings become large as an apple, or even the size of an egg. More importantly, the lethal distensions have also been known to take over the entire body making it uncomfortable for most who carrier the ailment. Keep in mind everything that has happened before the pandemic came in and wiped half the population of England from the face of the earth leaving nothing but emptiness.


For more than a month dead bodies started pilling all over the city streets attracting pests from all over to consume the lifeless bodies of once to be citizens of a rural society which use to be the center focus of a tragedy which took place more than thirty years without coming up with an answer to figure out what might have caused a devastating fire down by the old fishery killing more than a few young children aged ten to eleven years of age. It is still unknown to many of the local residences to find out the root cause of the fire, which destroyed many of the fisheries, which used to be family operated business but now lies in rumble. After that, horrible night fellow citizen mourn the loss of those children that lost their lives all those years ago on a gloomy night like tonight.


Desperately seeking answers to all the terrible things that have escalated to the verge of collapse only to make things worse than they appear. Scotland Yard is still on the hunt for the one known as London Absentee Killer during these frantic times leaving citizens vulnerable, which however could make them a potential target to strike down and kill like a defenseless wounded animal running away from the predator hunting them down for its next meal. Desperate times call for desperate measures; which only could leave a single option left for those wishing to escape possible torment caused by affiliation of the lesser good of what is left of the rubbled administration caused by a catastrophic explosion targeted towards Queen Victoria for the hurt she has caused this city over and over again since her reign began in 1837.


The moment to strike is eventually the time when everything becomes virtually farfetched by what parliament considers as unlawful because of The Old Nichol. The Old Nichol, to be found between High Street, Shoreditch, and Bethnal Green, which was considered the worst purlieu of the East End. It consisted of twenty narrow streets containing seven hundred and thirty ramshackled adjoining houses, which were occupied by some six thousand individuals who are now living in slums athwart of East End in very scanty conditions all over the city. These are pressing matters, which need to be taken into account for everything that has been happening over the coming months. Behind the shadow of an old decrepit building lurks what most would call a monster, but behind the hideous deformity is nothing compared to what makes a killer an unconditional monster.

Under the cover of darkness London’s fearful antagonist Absentee Killer was recognized for making more individuals disappear under the watchful eye of Chief Constable William McPeterson of the Metropolitan Police. With each disappearance lingers the likely chance to coincide with the fact that multiple homicides will occur all over the city due to the shortage of proper police protection appointed by none other than Lloyd Brownsworth a former military official who gained the Queens trust to protect her city from becoming corrupt and uncontrolled and eventually on the verge of obliteration caused by those wanting to see the city crumble in immediate defeat.


As she stood in the surrounded square with heavy chains coiled around her fragile neck, the woman began to weep in anguish as the weight of the chains began to weaken her to the point of collapsing in front of a large crowd advertently awaiting outside of the local police station to hear further news about the number of victims that were hereby found mutilated with their wrist and ankles tied with bonded leather straps along with barbed wired fastened forcefully around their necks leaving lacerated puncture marks leaving them in excruciating pain until the point of death which came at a unforgiveable price. Lying dormant in wait was the transgressionary altruistic Doctor Jekyll is a gentleman who is described by most as being elegant and puts you in mind of a proud lion. He has deep-set blue eyes that are like two pools of water. His thick, wavy, gray hair is long and is worn in a utilitarian, precise style. He is tall and has a lean build. His skin is china-white. He has a low forehead and wide feet. His wardrobe is uncomplicated, professional, with a lot of white, and gray. Doctor Jekyll is a creature of habit and who is depicted as someone with a split personality. That is why it is always in the best interested of the public to keep a close eye on the one they called Mr. Hyde who is a strange, repugnant man who looks faintly pre-human. Hyde is violent and cruel, and everyone who sees him describes him as ugly and deformed—yet no one can say exactly why. Language itself seems to fail around Hyde: he is not a creature who belongs to the rational world, the world of conscious articulation or logical grammar. Hyde is Jekyll’s dark side, released from the bonds of conscience and loosed into the world by a mysterious potion. Could Mr. Hyde be the one behind all the strange disappearances through the city of London? Or perhaps he is the one they call the London Absentee Killer going around stalking his next potential victim to slaughterer and leave the body where it could be found by the local constabulary.


By the months, end another body of a female of 24 years of age. She has a snowy complexion, curly blonde hair, which was in a lengthy, braid, and has blue eyes. She is very short, well built, and is wearing what appeared to be an elegant dress and a pair of lacy shoes. Her accessories include a pashmina and a feathered hat. The whole ensemble is coordinated in rich yellow and white colors, which blends perfectly with her porcelain doll like face. Noted that the young woman was found in a confession box of Cathedral Church of St Paul located in the heart of London. The people of London say it was murder but reports say otherwise. Examiners who have examined the body, says an unknown substance poisoned the young woman, which has never been seen before, the only plausible explanation it was an elixir that she had drank it without knowing, or perhaps she was unaware that she was on someone’s hit list to be eliminated. However, a closer look at the body suggests that a small puncture wound to the heart was the cause of the young women painless death. Was a small needle like object laced with poison the reason why she had died unpredictably in a holy consecrated place like Cathedral Church of St Paul?

As soon as the murder of Lady Christina Keegarail Merrit had, become known to the English public. It was sooner recognized that Miss Christina Keegarail Merrit was renowned for her alluring and provocative rule as Miss Sophia Glinnen Hornholdt in the captivating live performance of “The Mystical Truth of Bella Rouge” a dramatic drama that has turned the heads of critics and mesmerized audiences of all ages at the world-renowned Lyceum Theatre of its time. Hidden beneath the world-renowned Theatre lurks what some would call mysterious and others would call horrifying secrets of a yet dark and daunting past, which is never revealed and should always be kept a secret. 

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