bad girls

Nashea has been a anti social boring person ever since her dad left for business but her sister diamond has been a bad ass party animal but what happens when diamond does something that makes her mother go over the edge and they have to move to la with their father they have no idea how much their lives will change and the heartbreaks and heartbreaking decisions and finding love and making a name for their self's in the music career


1. me being me


~~hi my name is nashea star I am 19 ever since my daddy left 2 years ago things have changed my house used to consist of a loving family all eating dinner at the table together at dinner to now everyone makes there own food and takes it to there room . me and my sister used to be very close to each other now we don't even talk to each other we barley even see each other we never hang out . I used to like to go out and have fun with friends and go to some party's but ever since my  dad left I got my glasses instead of contacts and I read and write and watch t.v I don't really communicate with others I just wish life could go back to how it used to be i was just lying in my bed thinking about the good times and bad

me and diamond where sitting on the couch singing to a fifth harmony song when my dad game in and stood in front of us hey daddy diamond said she was always a daddy's girl he gave her everything she wanted hi dad I said to him well listen girls i have to go away for ever for my job what no you cant diamond said she was 16 turning 17 in a week and I just turned 17 I have to baby girl its for the best he told her I fuckin hate my life she screamed and ran to her room
**flashback over **
that was the last day I remembered having my sweet loving and kind sister that loved to hang out with me that was the last day I remembered going outside and having friends that was the day my life was ruined

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