bad girls

Nashea has been a anti social boring person ever since her dad left for business but her sister diamond has been a bad ass party animal but what happens when diamond does something that makes her mother go over the edge and they have to move to la with their father they have no idea how much their lives will change and the heartbreaks and heartbreaking decisions and finding love and making a name for their self's in the music career


2. me being me pt2


~~hi my name is diamond star i am 19 I party about every night but I don't go around sleeping with every boy I see I model a little my sister nashea is a week older then me we used to be really close I used to be the kid every parent wanted I used to not get drunk I used to not model for Victoria secret I used to not cuss at my mother but the person to thank for all my changes is the man I have to call my dad he doesn't even call I still remember the day he left
me and nashea were sitting on the couch singing some song that's when my father walked in hey daddy I  told him hey dad nashea said well girls I came to tell you I am leaving forever what no I managed to say I have to he said I ran up to my room and slammed the door I looked at my self in the mirror and then decided that I needed a change since he wanted to change my life I would change my look and image
I walked in the house from coming from the club I didn't drink so I was pretty fine I was walking up to my room but then I herd my moms voice call my name so I walked over to her how may I help you I asked her what is this she said throwing a magazine of my Victoria secret shoot that would be me I would think you would know that I am your daughter shut up and stop acting like a childish asshole  mom I am 19 I am old enough to make my own choices I know you are but I cant take it any longer go back your bags you and your sister are going to move with your father he doesn't even have a job I told her oh yes he does sweetie why don't you go search him on your mobile fine I said and walked up the stairs I saw nashea so I walked over to her room oh so your getting sent to live with that  man too yes she said and he is your father that you used to love exactly used to I told her yeah just like you used to have brown hair you used to hang out with me you used to hate clubs you used to hate modeling well too bad this is the new me I said and walked into my room to start packing 

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