bad girls

Nashea has been a anti social boring person ever since her dad left for business but her sister diamond has been a bad ass party animal but what happens when diamond does something that makes her mother go over the edge and they have to move to la with their father they have no idea how much their lives will change and the heartbreaks and heartbreaking decisions and finding love and making a name for their self's in the music career


10. how dare him ?

Diamond P.O.V

~~me and my sister were hugging but then I heard a knock at the door she went and answered it and there stood Bradley from the vamps I knew it was him cause when I did 1d research they popped up I didn't like them but the fact he was here in my house I screamed and he pulled me into the hallway what I said well aren't you feisty he said yup and why are you in my house I said because I am your sisters friend but she dosent now who I am she thinks my names Brandon ohh and you want me to keep it a secret I asked yup he said only if you tell her that she looks better in jeans and shirts with pony tails not all glammed up okay he said oh and give you 100 dollars sure he said but aint your dad a music producer with lots of cash yea but I was just seeing how much you cared but really give me my hundred okay he said giving me the hundered doller bill when we walked back into the house nashea was starring at me like I just killed somebody why are you starring at me I asked because youra slut who try's to get with every boy you see even a boy that your own sister has over to hang out with that she might like your a slut and whore and you deserved to rapped and abused what how did you know because how did you think they knew where you lived yup I did it you hurt me when dad left and I wanted you to be hurt even worse you dumb bitch she screamed I ran up to my room crying diamond I herd I looked at my phone and saw that I pocket facetimeded Louis h-h-h o-o w-w--w much did you hear I asked all he said well how about you pack a overnight bag and I come pick you up okay I said here talk to nialler and harry while we drive over  it only took them about 10 minutes to get here I didn't bother with any make up so I just got dressed and grabbed my overnight bag and my sleeping bag and put my 5sos case on then grabbed some geek glasses and left because Louis was out front I ran out front but first I went into the kitchen and said nashea you are a bitch and just to let you know how about you search Bradley from the vamps on the laptop then look at your friend again and you'll see why I screamed and he pulled me into the hallway then I left and got into the car I sat next to niall and harry Louis was driving and zayn was In the passengers seat umm were is Liam I asked oh he had to stay at the house with our guest and who would that be I asked 5sos he said I looked at my case and squealed omg Luke is Luke their yes Luke is there Louis said yay were here he said I got out the car and ran into the house and the members of 5sos were there I smiled then the rest of the boys came in how about a game of truth or dare harry asked fine I said we all sat into a circle okay Luke said this is a question for all you who is single me I said raising my hand me calcum said me harry and niall said me two Luke said okay here is part 2 of my question who likes someone in this room they all raised there hand I did two who is yours Luke said well I have a crush on harry niall and Luke I said well actually harry can I talk to you alone I said and grabbed his hand and took him into the kitchen harry I have a friend named lily and she is single I showed him a picture of her from my phone does she have a nice personality yes shes amazing I said oh and she had a daughter named amber she got rapped that's how she got pregent   I love kids harry said well how old is her daughter he asked with lily I said yay he screamed when well tomorrow you guys can spend the day together well I am going to the bathroom I called out I walked up stairs but was pushed to the wall ouch I said I know you want me he said what Luke he tried putting his hand in my shirt Louis I screamed but I forgot Louis and Liam and zayn and harry went to get lily and amber and perrie and el and Sophia niallll I screamed by the Luke was trying to undress me he pushed his lips against mine I kneed him where the sun don't shine but he grabbed me again but this time niall came running up the stairs he punched Luke  in the mouth and picked me up I was crying badly I knew it niall took me too a room which I  guess was his niall I said don't leave and we cuddled wake up love u herd someone's voice oh thank goodness it was a nightmare not real Luke I said hugging him Luke would you ever hurt me no he said great I said and hugged him I walked down stairs and there were girls there all I knew was lily who is the whore Sophia said she looks like  a skank Liam who is she she said I ran outside  and just kept running

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