bad girls

Nashea has been a anti social boring person ever since her dad left for business but her sister diamond has been a bad ass party animal but what happens when diamond does something that makes her mother go over the edge and they have to move to la with their father they have no idea how much their lives will change and the heartbreaks and heartbreaking decisions and finding love and making a name for their self's in the music career


12. happy now world

Diamond P.O.V

~~I been running for about 20 minutes I took out my phone and saw I had two messages  I saw dad and deleted it I read nashea it said bye forever yay now she would leave me the hell alone I stopped in front of a mirror I looked at my reflection why cant I be pretty like all the other girls maybe I am worthless maybe I deserved being rapped no I didn't no one deserves to be treated like that then why do people always hurt me I don't hurt them i threw my phone at the window i took the piece of glass and was about to cut right on my chest but i herd niall Liam zayn harry lily and Louis screaming no Louis ran over to me Louis i cant do it anymore i tired of this feeling I've been told i deserved to get rapped and abused do you know how bad that hurts Louis i love you with all my heart but its only so much i can take no please i promise I will protect you he said people are just jealous please i need you in the world with me i love you he was crying his eyes out okay Louis i wont i said he smiled but still had tears coming down his cheeks i want you to promise he said okay i promise i said and got up and i walked over and told niall to come to the park bench he came and i told him about my dream he said he wish that was true cause he would love to be my night in armor i would too niall then we both walked back to Louis house we sat down and the tv came on it said model diamond star always daughter of Robert star was spotted with 1d and things looked heated with band member niall horan and Louis Tomlinson el saw the whole thing at the park so she knew it was only a brother sister thing how about we all go to the park i need a walk to the park to clear my mind  we all started walking I had ambers hand that's when i passed out no diamond keep your eyes open don't leave me niall said please no Louis screamed call the ambulance Liam  said i herd Louis say my sister shes been shot two times please help that was the last thing i herd before i passed out
Louis P.O.V
we were all walking to the park when i herd two sounds i turned around and there stood well should i say layed a shot diamond we rushed after her i called a ambulance her eyes were closing no please i screamed wonly one person got to ride in the ambulance so i did the others were behind i told them the number i called her dad hello sir i said yes he said your daughter diamond got shot two times what first her sister tried to kill her self and is now in the hospital for high blood sugar and now my baby girl got shot umm sir high blood sugar is not that bad diamond she is really hurt there was a lot of blood I said crying while saying the words he said  he would be there 10 minutes later  me the boys diamonds father and lily and amber where all in the waiting room when  a doctor came out and said is all you with diamond star yes we said she is very lucky the bullet passed any important organs and missed her brain but she might have really bad memory lost and only remember certain things okay when can we see her I asked tomorrow

Dads P.O.V

I cant believe this my baby girl has been shot I should've never forgotten about her left her never calling im so sorry please let my baby girl be oki was on my way to take nashea home I helped her to the car so is diamond home I really need to apologize even tho it might not work I wish she could just forget it listen sweetie your sister got shot 2 times one near her heart and one in her head she is very lucky to be alive but the thing is she only will remember certain things other things will just come as new news to her I said what no she began .........



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