Niall i changed get over it!

Hi I'm Cierra Horan. �� Yes I'm Niall Horan's sister. And after he left with that gay ass band of his. I changed. I use to have blond hair then I died it red. My mom tried to help but that was no use. I missed my brother. But now I hate him for leaving me. And he's coming back.. He's on for a big surprise.


9. chapter4

Harry's POV

"Cierra Ray Horan," I stared saying her full name," I-I really like you Cierra, and umm yeah.." I trailed off not knowing what else to say. "You really feel that way Harry?" She said with a little excitement in her voice. "Yes I really mean it." I say with excitement in my voice too. "Will you like to go on a date with me tomorrow to that new movie 'Fault In Our Stars'?" I ask. "Harry, I would love too!" And with that she leaps into my arms. This is going to be the start of something new.

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