Niall i changed get over it!

Hi I'm Cierra Horan. �� Yes I'm Niall Horan's sister. And after he left with that gay ass band of his. I changed. I use to have blond hair then I died it red. My mom tried to help but that was no use. I missed my brother. But now I hate him for leaving me. And he's coming back.. He's on for a big surprise.


17. chapter 9

Cierra POV

To day was the day. We had left to the airport. And we were going on a private plane, like omg I can't wait!

-skip plane ride-

We landed in the U.S. California I think. It's really pretty. I was tiered. Like really tiered. "So are going to go to the hotel yet?" I yawned. "Yes we are but we need to talk about sleeping arrangements." Niall said. "I call Liam!" Louis said. "I call Harry." Zayn said. " I guess that leaves me with my big brother." I said. We arrived at the hotel, with lots of screaming fans. When we got our room keys we all headed our separate ways. Zayn with Harry Liam and Louis me and Niall. Niall and I went to our rooms an u jumped on my bed and cuddled up with the blanket. I fell fast asleep.

-next day-

Niall's POV

I woke up to Harry Liam Louis and Zayn jumping on my bed. " go away." I spat. " we have to go for spun check." Zayn said. I have them a "ima fuck you up later" look and jumped off my bed and went to Cierra's bed. "Aww guys she looks so peaceful when she sleeps." I said. "Let's wake her!" I yelled. We all start jumping on her bed. And she kicked me off pushed Zayn and Liam, gave Louis that " touch me and you won't have any fingers left" look so he got off her bed, and she looked at Harry the same way. But Harry didn't care he picked her up bridle style and put her down on her feet. "What the fuck do you guys want!?" She spat. "We have to go for sound check." I said. "Ugh! Can't I stay?" She asked. "No, you wanted to come on tour your doing everything with us." I say. And with that she walked over to the bathroom and started getting ready.

-skip sound check.-

Harry's POV

I can't believe it's time for the concert all ready. I feel like I'm going to fuck up or something. But that's what I always say before a show just to perk myself up. In a way.

-after concert-

-next day-

Niall's POV

Today we decided to just hang out and play games. Liam and Louis were playing FIFA and Zayn and I were playing candy crush, this game is very addicting. And Harry and Cierra we out on there date.

-after the year thing and now they are back in London-

Cierra's POV

Ugh I'm so happy to be out of the states! So many crazy people as in crazy fans that drool over my brother and Harry and the other guys. It kinof weird because before when they were just normal people, they didn't give two shits. So like yeah.. But whatever. But Harry has been acting a little distant lately. I hope that I didn't do nothing wrong. •DINGDONG• I heard the door bell go off and I ran to open it. Well speak of the devil. " hey Harry!" I say. "Hi. We need to talk." He said. 'Hi we need to talk' is never a good thing. "About?" I said holding back the tears. "Us." He said. "I can't be with you anymore I'm sorry." And with that he left. The only person I could think to go to is Niall. "NIALL!" I scream his name. "Yes!?" He came down the stairs then saw my eyes filled of tears. "Cierra what happened?" He asked. "H-harry b-broke up w-with me!" I cried. He stroke my hair softly and kissed my head. What have I done to make Harry want to brake up with me?

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