Niall i changed get over it!

Hi I'm Cierra Horan. �� Yes I'm Niall Horan's sister. And after he left with that gay ass band of his. I changed. I use to have blond hair then I died it red. My mom tried to help but that was no use. I missed my brother. But now I hate him for leaving me. And he's coming back.. He's on for a big surprise.


18. chapter 10

Niall's POV.

Cierra fell asleep so I put a blanket over her and left. I called Harry. "Met me at the secret park." I said and hung up the phone.

-at the park-

"Hey there Harry." I said. "Hi.." He said. "Here is your pay for dating my sister." I said and gave him what he wanted, he needs it to get a friend out of jail but he didn't have enough so I offered a deal. He dates my sister and gets her close to me again then he breaks her heart and the only person that she would have to come to is me.

"Niall!" Harry said before I left. "Yes mate?" "I'm, I'm in love with your sister." He said. "Sorry mate but this wasn't part of the deal." And with that I left to my car, and drove home to my little sister.

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