Niall i changed get over it!

Hi I'm Cierra Horan. �� Yes I'm Niall Horan's sister. And after he left with that gay ass band of his. I changed. I use to have blond hair then I died it red. My mom tried to help but that was no use. I missed my brother. But now I hate him for leaving me. And he's coming back.. He's on for a big surprise.


3. chapter 1

•the next day•

Harry's POV

Last night the guys and I slept in the living room. I decided to make breakfast. I made eggs, pancakes, and sausage. I heard someone come into the kitchen so I turned around to see a beautiful face.

Cierra's POV

I smelt something good coming from downstairs. And yet, I was hungry. I saw a curly headed boy in the kitchen. "Good morning love." Curly said to me. "Morning curly." I said rudely. "Pancakes princess?" He asks. " I'm not your fucking princess. " I answered rudely. " I guess you don't want good love?" He continues. "I'll make my own food." I say and with that he just nods. I start heading tords the front door when..."Love where do you think your going?"Fucking curly asks me. "Non of your concern." And with that I left.

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