Midnight - Louis Tomlinson Fan fic

When the clocks hit Midnight... he is something much more. Something evil , something that he can't control , something that don't make him the same , but I'm still in love with him , even though he can do something way more dangerous than the own devil alive. ©Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Ty Thomas on Movellas.com.


6. 5.

Chapter 5

Chelsea P.O.V

" Well Harry's was quite rude. " I laughed talking to Madison. She was a really nice girl , same age as me , nice brown hair , and a few tattoos.

" It's okay he will get use to you. " She smiled looking over her shoulder.

" How you know , he did the same to you? "

" Well no he was kinda nice.

Speaking of him , here he comes. "

Harry came and sat down in his usual spot and stared at me. He was good looking, his soft brown curls and glazing green eyes, and the tattoos.

" Why are you staring at me? " I questioned quite rudely, still annoyed from the fact that he didn't want to shake my hand.

" Because I don't like you. " He said in a disgusted face.

" Then don't stare at somebody you don't like you dumbfuc- " I scoffed but Ashton quickly cut me off.

" Hey both of you let's not start a bitch fight now haha. " Ashton laughed. Ashton's laugh was like a unicorn and a rainbow marshmallow having sex. ( that sounds really pleasant ) He was very attractive and cute at the same time. Danm can I have a piece of Ashton.

" Look here little missy you don't wanna fuck with me. " Harry threatened ignoring Ashton comment.

" You don't even know me. Why are you so upset with me? " I asked rolling my eyes.

" Because you ... leave me alone. " Harry mumbled.

" Looks like someone is on there period. " I smiled. Both Ashton and Madison both spill out into laughter while Zayn was holding back his. I swear I thought I saw a smile spread across harry's face because a deep dimple appeared on his cheek, quickly fading away.

I see Louis heading towards us with drinks in his hands. He had a frown on his face , but when his head lifted up and saw me a grinned appeared on his face, which made me smile back. Once he reached the table he handed us each a glass.

" What's this ? " I asked smelling the unknown substance.

" Cherry vodka. " Ashton answered.

" You've never drink before ? I can go get you some water if you want.

? " Louis said climbing out his seat.

" It's okay... I guess I can try something new... again. " I said pulling Louis back in his seat. I looked at the drink for a second and slowly pulling it up to my lips to the glass, taking a quick swig.


" GO ! GO ! GO ! GO ! GO ! " chanted people behind me as I quickly swallowed as many shots as I can. I had about three more left out of 30. Every thing began to be blurry and I felt a little light headed, but I wasn't going to fail. I took my last three shots and the crowd roared as I threw my hands up in the air proud of my achievement.

" I can't believe she took 30 shots in under 5mins and still standing! " Zayn yelled over the cheers to Louis.

" Danm that girl can drink! " Harry said.

" You okay babe. " Louis asked me.

" I'm fine. " I hiccuped keeping my balanced.

" Are you okay? " I grinned trailing my fingers down Louis shirt.

" Yeah I'm fine. " He smiled pulling my finger away before I could reach his private part. I pulled a frown on my face, but I quickly failed by laughing. I stood up on my tippy toes trying to reach my lips to louis lips, he finally noticed what I was trying to do and tilt his head down pressing it together. Our mouth moved in a slow movement , causing the butterflies in my stomach to flutter. He tasted like mint and wine I could kiss him all day. Louis softly bit the side of my lips and did slight tug before releasing... Wow. Wait did I just.!

I felt something moved up against my hair and I touched it feeling it was a crown. And a bright flash blinded my eyes and more cheers echoed through the bar.

" This girl now have a world recorded of drinking 30! shots under 5mins ! Without passing out or quitting ! " An announcer shouted into the microphone.

" What your name ? "

" Chelsea, Chelsea Walker ! " I yelled.

" Chelseaaaaa Walkerrrrrr. " he cheered and the crowd went crazy.


Harry's P.O.V

I can tell this Chelsea girl is going to be trouble. She drank 30shots and still standing proud. Normal people can't even get though 10. I looked down at my iPhone and checked the screen saying it was 11:50 oh shit. I need to get Louis out of here. I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him towards the door.

" Hey lad what are you doing? " he yelled shaking me off.

" Louis it is 11:51 now ! you need to leave before Chelsea see you shift even worse... this whole bar. " I said.

" Shit okay okay. " Louis said.

" Take care of Chels for me ! "

" What no, why can't you ask Zayn , Ashton , or Madison or something ! " I yelled.

" Because I trust you. " He sighed.

" Trust me. Do you know who I am? I may not shift into some ugly, crazy ass demon when it's midnight, but I'm still one of the devils creation just like you, and he going to be pissed at me for having her around , He can tell me to kill her you know. " I said.

" You are my best friend, I trust you " Louis said finally leaving in the car driving away.

" Shit ! " I yelled slamming my fist in a wall. I dented the cement wall but I felt nothing, it was like punching a pillow. I walked back in the bar looking around for that dumb girl.

" where is she ? " I asked a random guy.

" who?"

" Chelsea ! " I screamed. I followed his hand which pointed to the dark headed girl wobbling on her feet holding on to Ashton. I raced down to her grabbing her arm.

" I'll take her. " I told Ashton and I led her towards the door. Lucky it wasn't exactly 12:00 yet I would haven burned her arm. That's one of my demotic power. My body tends to heat up so high when somebody touches me i could give them a 3rd degree burn.

" where are we going harrryyyyyy. " she giggled.

" I'm taking you home... quickly. " I groaned pushing her into the car like a cop. I hurried over to my side and cranked up the car driving away.

" I don't here voices in my head Harry. " She laughed.

" I like your eyes... "

" Shut up. " I said but that didn't stop me from blushing. I looked at the time and it changed to 12:00. My body heat rises and the car is getting hotter, I can tell Chelsea was hot because she started sweating.

" Your eyes are like a glowing greennnnn emeralds shinning in the sun light. Very beautiful I wish I had eyes like you. " She complimented.

" I said shut up. " This time laughing to her compliment, nobody ever told me that before.

" And your hair... Ohhh it's so fluffy and curly, I bet it's soft. " She smiled reaching over to touch my hair but burned her In the processes, steam leaving from her hands.

" Sorry. " I sighed.

Louis is going to be so pissed when he sees that her hands are burned. I looked over to make sure she was okay , but with my own eyes I can see her hands was healing right before my eyes quickly, but she was to drunk to notice.

" Where do you live ? " I nervously asked.

" In mmmmffffhhhh rode " she slurred.

" What ? "

" Silver street... the blue big house by the center. " voice in my head told me.

" don't forget to kill her. "

I pulled up at her house and stopped the car. I quickly grabbed the gun I had in my back seat and secretly slipped it in my back pockets.

I opened the car and walked over to Chels door opening her door.

" I can't walk. " She moaned.

" Well I can't carry you. " I said crossing my arms.

" Why are you being so mean to me Harry please? " she wined.

" Fine, but this may hurt a little. " I mumbled. I picked her up and the sizzling of her skin burn under my touch. she screamed in pain and tears formed in her eyes. I hurried in side finding my way to her bed and tossed her on there. She rolled on her back crying. But quickly I can see her body healing, her skin was back to normal, and her muffled cry stopped.

" Nows the chance to kill her. " He whispered in my ear.

I pulled out the gun which was in my pocket and placed the silver bullet in and aimed for her head. The gun shook between my hand.


" I... I can't. "

" YOU DARE SAY NO TO ME. " satan yelled flinging me across the room and my back hitting up against a book shelf falling toward the ground. Books tumbled on top of me.

" You know Louis is going to kill you, if he knows what happened to Chelsea. " I yelled.

" Messing with a gods child is a dangerous thing Harry. I hope you will remember who you belong to. " Satan said leaving. I slummed down in a chair and watched over Chelsea sleep all night. I couldn't leave alone know that satan Is trying to kill her now that he knows we found her.

/ 1:00am /

" Harry ?"

" Mhmmmmmm " I mumbled rolling over.

" Harry. "

" mm I'm up I'm up. " I groaned I opened up my eyes to see I was on a bed. I lifted up to see Chelsea staring at me.

" What?" I moaned.

" Why are you on my bed? " She asked.

" Because that chair is not comfy at all" I said.

" So why didn't you just go home ? " She asked again.

" And why do you ask so many questions? " I moaned laying back down.

" Where Louis? "

" He left ! " I mumbled.

" Why ? "

I grunted and left the bed walking down stairs. Her constant questioning was giving me a headache. It was dark in the house but I was able to see around.

" Harry !!? " She screams from upstairs. My head snaps up and I rushed back quickly to the room preparing to face whatever it was. I swung the doer open, scanning around the room to see nothing.

" What did you call me for !? " I yelled.

" I wanted to tell you... thank you. " She smiled.

I moaned and left the

room slamming it shut.

Chelsea screamed again. I laughed and kept walking downstairs , she thought I was falling for it this time. Nope. She kept screaming and as seconds went passed the screaming was more violent. thats when I

began to panicked , I kept thinking she was joking. Then I heard a loud growling come from the room.

" CHELSEA ! " I screamed racing up stairs and kicked the door open, too see a large demon with wide wings and piercing black horns approaching Chels. She steady throwing things at it.

" HARRY! " she screamed. You could see the fear in her eyes her.

I raced over and stood in front of Chelsea. I pulled out the gun I had in my back pocket and aimed for the head.


He growled.

The gun locked between my hands, and I finally pulled the trigger shooting the silver bullet in the demons head. Black dark blood exploded splattering everywhere.

" AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH AHH " Chels kept screaming over and over again.

" Chelsea would you shut the fuck up ? " I asked.


" Yeah , I guess you can call them that. " I shrugged.

" I guess we should tell you. "

" Tell me what ?! " She yelled.


Chels P.O.V

" Tell me what ?! " I screamed. I'm still frightened by that monster that apparently tried to consume me !

The doorbell rung and Harry rushed downstairs to answer it. I pushed my hair back with my sweaty hands and followed him down stairs. I stood a few feet away from the door and Louis pushed past Harry rushing over to me grabbing my cheeks.

" Are you Okay ?! " He nervously said.

" are you okay? " I asked looking at him. He had dark circles under his eyes and his clothes was ripped and torn , and his hair was a complete mess. But somehow he still looked attractive.

" We need to do some explaining to Chels. " Harry sighed.

" Fuck ! I knew he was going to do this ! " Louis growled.

" Louis I'm scared, please stop and tell me what's going on ! " I said.

" Well you are going to be even more scared when we do tell you. " Harry laughed.

" I think you need to sit down. " Louis informed me. I walked over to my couch and plopped down. Louis and Harry sat on the other couch In front of me.

" We are the devils creation... "

It all started when he made us I guess. I was made first, but the devil put a curse on me. That made me more dangerous than him when it turned Mindnight. So then Harry comes. We became best friends, and brothers, we wanted to walk above earth the earth like you people... but only one condition.

" Wait wait wait wait wait. So far are you telling me you are not human. " I said making a disgusted face.

" No no no we are completely human I swear ! " louis quickly said.

" well until midnight... but what's wrong even if I was not a human. " Louis sasses.

" Well I probably wouldn't talk to you ever , or like you. "I said.

" Judgmental " Harry whispered.

" What's wrong with falling in love with another creature. " Louis frowned.

" I've never said anything about falling in love. I will not want to deal with or fall in love with anybody who can do all the weird shifting and dealing with the devil . " I said a little to loud.

Louis lifted of the the couch and raced out the door. Confusion plastered across my face and Harry ran his fingers through his curls.

" You pissed him off . " Harry mumbled.

" What did I do ! " I squealed in a high pitched voice.

" He actually loved you Chels. And you said you don't deal with anybody like him. "

" I don't. " I said crossing my arms.

" Why don't you guys try to eat me like the other demon try to do. "

" because we ... well Louis loves you, he's actually protecting you. " Harry said.

" From who ! " I yelled.

" The devil! "

" Yeah ever since I met him...

" You had a crush on him. " Harry says cutting me off.

" No ! That's some weird dark spirit keeps following me around. " I scoffed.

" Wait what... Say that again?" he said

" What that some weird dark spirit keeps following me around ?" I repeated.

" Oh god oh god ohhhh... " Harry mumbled.

" What ?! " I panicked. What is up with Louis and Harry and the thing?

" Nothing, don't worry about it. " Harry paused taking a deep breath.

" but we are not as bad as we seem. "

" So you are good demons? "

" Exactly... I guess .. Hm actually that don't really mean we are demons if we are good... I'm not good... neither is Louis... I'm confused just shut up Chels and Stop asking so many got damn questions . " Harry said walking out the door.

I followed Harry out the door and louis was on the steps with his head in his laps. I sighed sat next to him. I felt kinda awkward now knowing that he's a " devils piece of art " but something about Louis made me want to stay.

" Louis I'm sorry. " I sighed , I looked over to his tattoo on his arm which was a these two ropes tied together, that one was my favorite.

" I thought you don't mess with pepple like me. " Louis mumbled.

" Yeah I don't , like the one that tried to eat me... but you Louis you are not like them. "

" Yes I am. Wait till midnight... I'll be trying to come after you... I can't control it. Every night I would have to chain myself down and sprinkle holy water around me so I won't get out. " He said.

" I'm honestly still confused... "

" What about us ? " Louis asked finally lifting his head and looking at me.

" There's an us? " I asked.

" Well... yeah ... I guess ever since you kissed me. "

" I kissed you ? "

" Yeah. At the bar. "

" Was I good? I mean I never kissed any... "

" You was amazing ! You're such a good kisser. " Louis smiled.

" What ! " I laughed.

" Yeah that was a sexy kiss there, just imagine what you can do in bed ! " Louis giggled, I joined in with him.

Harry cleared his throat trying to tell us that he's was still here, only made us laugh harder.

" Awkward " Harry laughed.

" You can join us in the bed too if you want Harry. " Louis laughed winking at him.

" What no ! " I laughed playfully slapping Louis arms.

" THREESOME ! " Harry yelled.

" ew Harry stop ! " I laughed to the point tears was forming. We all was dying with laughter.

It felt like everything thing that just happened was gone and over. People can just walk by and think it's Just us three good friends laughing and having fun 3:00 am in the morning. But it's more behind that.

everything is not over.

" what am I'm to you Louis? " I asked

" Special, that's what you are too me. " he mumbled.

" but... I'm nothing , I've been trapped inside my house for years , I've been going crazy hearing voices in my head. I'm worthless, what if you are actually planning to make me fall in love with you so when you have the chance you can take me to satan , how do I know if this all just a joke. "

Louis looked straight into my eyes and I can see his eyes changing colors from blue to brown to hazel to purple to green and finally to black all black. I was in a trance , I couldn't move , I couldn't talk , all I could do was stare into his pitch black eyes. Everything around me started fading, it was like I was in a dark room now.

~ ~

I was able to move and I stood up panicking. What happened to me ? what did Louis do !


I could tell the room was empty because my voice echoed throughout the dark room making my ears ring.


" LOUIS ! " I held my hands out steadily rubbing my hands on the wall hoping I could find a door. I kept moving and I felt a round metal object. I sighed in Relief and twisted. I slowly pull the door back and red glowing light shined and the heat rose cause me to quickly sweat. I kept walking out and see a little boy sitting on a red stool in the burning hot area, a tall , dark , scary creature was standing in front of him. I couldn't tell what it was, everything was a little blurry because of the heat.

" You my boy , your name for now on shall be called Louis Tomlinson. " The creature said.

" Yes sir. " Louis answered.

" Louis. " I whispered. The little boy turned around and he had bright eyes and brown flat hair. It was Louis when he was made. He looked about 13.

" Who's that? " he asked the creature who stood in front of him, Pointing at a picture of me. I turned to around to see a photo of me I took 3 years ago.

" That's Chelsea Walker. " The creature growled.

" She's very beautiful . " Louis smiled.

" Yes Louis she is, she also have an beautiful soul. She's dangerous for you my son. "

" Dangerous than me? " he questioned.

" Now I don't know about that. " The creatures said.

" When you turn 22 I will release you and Harry into the outer world for you to receive her and bring her back here for me. "

" And what do I get in return? " Louis asked still staring at me.

" Once I have her in my fingers I could use her powers to do many evil things." He laughed.

" You...Can keep her as a pet or something. "

" But I don't want too... I want to keep her as my lover. " He said.

" HA ! you stupid boy, no one down here loves. Love is stupid. Love is dangerous. love is terrible. Never will one of my creation ever will ever love or have feeling for anyone. "

" But... "

" No ! You disgust me right now. I'll have to go get her myself. "

" NOO O" louis screamed.

" I'll do it. "

" Okay good. I want her back. For now on until midnight you will turn into the worlds most deadliest demon , and once you bring her back the curse will be gone. " The creature said leaving the room.

Louis got of the stool and stood in front of me.

" I will find you Chelsea and I will protect you. " He mumbled, a small tear escaping from his eyes.

Wait what ! " I screamed.

" What's going on ! "

" Louis! "

I tried to grab him but my fingers past through him like I was spirit.

He ignore me and left the room. A heavy metal door slammed shut

shutting me in the heated red room. I raced over to the door trying to pull it open but I wouldn't budge. The stool burst into flames, and quickly spread across the room. Fire flooded around me , I cried I was frighted and couldn't breath. I coughed choking on the harmful air. Everything around me was now grey , ashes falling.

I fell to the floor, and the fire was approaching to me. I closed my eyes.. " is this how it ends " I asked myself.


I opened my eyes and louis and Harry was holding me down on the bed telling me to be quite. I was in my room.

" CHELS YOU'RE OKAY. " Harry yelled.

My breath is pacing fast and sweat dripped down from my face.

" Louis what did you do ! "I breathe trying to catch my breath.

" I took you back to my past in hell to tell you that I'm not trying to turn you in. That this is not all a trap. I loved you ever since I was thirteen. "

" What ? " I question.

" Pretty cool right ? " Harry grinned.

" Uhm Harry can me and Chelsea have a some time... Ya know... alone. " Louis mumbled.

" Ohhhhhhhhh I get it ! aye my boy trying to get it in!!!! " Harry said reaching out for a fist pump.

" No Harry it's no like that ! " Louis Blushed.

" OKAYYY sureeeeee " Harry grinned walking towards the door.

" Oh and go easy on her , she's probably a virgin. "

" HARRY ! " me and Louis both yelled in sync.

He laughed and shut the door.

" So what do you want to talk about that was so private. " I asked.

" It's about how much I love you. "

" Look Louis I know that we are good friends and all but right.. " I was saying until Louis cut me off.

" Look you don't understand. "

" No Louis, you don't understand... Be placed in my shoes then you will understand. Say you was born on earth , say you was completely normal and say every damn night you would hear annoying voices in your head and being called a weirdo or crazy person your whole life. Being rejected by your mom , dad , brother , cousin , aunt , workers , guys , everybody , and one person who finally understood you... turns out to have something in relation with the devil. I have a hard life Louis. Sometimes I go so crazy I just want to commit but until you came into my life it was like everything changes. It's like I'm a different person, but right now my head is buzzing with confusion, I can't be in a relationship right. " I cried. Louis just laughed. I made a confused face.

" do you really want to be in my shoes ? " Louis said.




The more you read the more you will understand.

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