Midnight - Louis Tomlinson Fan fic

When the clocks hit Midnight... he is something much more. Something evil , something that he can't control , something that don't make him the same , but I'm still in love with him , even though he can do something way more dangerous than the own devil alive. ©Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Ty Thomas on Movellas.com.


4. 3.

Chapter 3

It still was standing in confusion. What the hell just happened? Why was he acting so weird when I asked him about the figure. So many questions I have to get out of him when he comes back.

The phone that rang behind my desk startled me out of my thoughts. I rushed over and picked up the phone.

" Hello?"

" you have a client coming to you right now . " Ms.Thompson said hanging up. Right after I set the phone down I heard a knock on the door.

" Come in!" I yelled placing myself at my desk.

" Hi Ms.Walker. " smiled the old lady with grayish hair.

" Hello ma'am "

" Oh no, please call me Denise " she smiled shaking my hand and taking a seat in front of me.

" Okay hi Denise , what are you here for? "

" Well recently my husband died a few weeks ago , on his death bed right before he died he said he had something for me , something special for our 60th Anniversary which is today ... but he didn't finish where it was , all I know is it's at our house. " she cried.

" Oh Denise please don't cry I will help you find it as soon as possible. "

" Can you help me now ? " She asked.

" Sure sure. "

I lifted myself off my seat and followed the Denise out the door and followed her down the street.

" You don't have a car, do you? " I asked as I strolled next to her. Her short curly grey hair bounced on her head as she shook it no. I stayed quite and kept walking.

Our speed slowed down as we arrived to a small , yellow House sitting on the end of the street.

" I'm home honey." she smiled walking up to the white finished porch like she was talking to someone. I followed her footsteps up the stairs , she unlocked the door and fresh air blew from her house in my face making my hair fly in to my face and mouth. I spitted and spatted like something flew in to my mouth. And something did my hair.

" Are you okay. " He asked turning around to me.

" Yeah yeah. " I smiled pushing my hair back finally getting all the hair out.

" Okay come in come in. " she said . " Oh sweetheart don't forget to take off you shoes. " She smiled. I looked down at my shoes and saw that I have flats on. No socks. I don't like feet, I don't even like showing my own. I grunted and pulled my flats off quickly hiding my toes with my other foot which was no help.

" Tea ? " She asked as I sat down on the very comfy small delicate couch.

" No thanks. "

" Well okay. " she laughed taking a seat in the armchair in front of me. It was an awkward silence until she spoke again.

" Do you see him? "

" See who ma'm. " I asked worried what did she won't me to see.

" Me? do you see me ? " And soft but old male voice was heard by me and only me. I screeched in surprise and Denise had an odd look on her face. I shifted to the side and an old man with burns and scars on him sat next to me. I jumped in surprise again this time placing my hands on my chest. Fuck Chels that's who wanted you to see.

" What happened to you? " I asked to the blurry, soft pale , dead spirit.

" Long, disturbing, horrific story " he moaned. Oh well okay then.

" May I asked you what's your name ? "

Denise stared with shock. She was probably looking at me like I was a five year old having a conversation with an imaginary Friend. Ha gotten that look plenty of times.

" James. "

" James " I repeated.

" Ohhhhhh! " Denise cried. " James honey. " Denise was now in tears knowing that her well beloved husband was in the same room as her.

" James... Can you tell me where Denise gift is at? " I kindly asked looking over to Denise still having tears flow down her wrinkly cheeks.

James slowly disappeared from the couch and in seconds he was next to Denise. Starting down at her letting his ghostly hands pass through her skin.

" To bad she can't hear or see me ? " He mumbled. " I want to let her know that I'm here for her."

" But James you can't be here forever. and neither will she. "

He sighed in defeated and moved his way towards the hallway. I quickly got up and followed him and Denise followed right Behind me. I followed him up the white swirled stairs , down another hallway , and towards a door. I slowly turned the knob to the door and the creaking of the door was loud like it haven't been open up in years.

" In the treasure box in the closet and the key is under the mattress. " James smiled steeping behind me to join Denise. I strolled over to the small twin size bed and lifted up the mattress exposing a golden key that was perfectly patterned to fit the box.

" Denise may you do the honor. " I smiled tossing her the key. She caught it with one hand.

" I shall. "

She hurried over to the box. Excitement filled her body and joy filled the air when she lifted it up pulling out a shiny golden shaped locket.

" Ohhh, it's beautiful. " She smiled.

" Open it. " James mummers.

" Open it." I said repeating him.

And she did. There was two pictures on each side. One of her and one of him. It was beautiful.

" Oh This is beautiful James. " She smiled starting at the golden glowing locket.

" Well looks like it's time for me to go. "

" Oh thank you you so so much.' She smiled.

I nodded my head and left her house. It was getting dark and I checked my watch to check the time. Holy shit it's 7:56pm. It's going to be close to 8:00. This time I picked up my paste running as fast as I can down my street.

7:57 still not there.

7:58 Almost

7:59 I can almost see me house.

8:00pm. The voices began pouring in my head and I stopped in my tracks , holding my ears in pain. Everything was getting blurry and I feel on the concrete ground. I was weak I couldn't move. More voices entered. It was worse than all my others.

" STAY AWAY FROM HIM ! " Boomed a voice infront of me. I looked up and threw the tears of my eyes and it was the same dark heavy figure that was behind yesterday. I started to shake, fear took over me , everything wanted to shut down.

" Stay away from who? " I managed to say.

" STAY AWAY FROM HIM . " He yelled again. This time causing my ears to ring and the chatters in my head grew louder. I was weak, still out side, my house was still a few blocks away and no one to help me. I felt my eyes dropping and my body completely feel on the ground and the last thing I saw was the dark figure hovering over me until everything went black.


" Chels , Chels ... wake up. " a faint voice echoed.

" Chels , come on wake up, love "

I slowly opens my eyes and things was blurry but it was getting clearer , I think louis was standing over me. I shifted to the side and felt a fabric move against my skin, also realized I was in a bed. But not my bed.

" Louis? " I moaned.

" I saw you laying on the sidewalk by my house last night , I couldn't leave you outside like that. " he said.

" Tha-Thank you " I smiled looking up at him. I had enough power sit up... the covers slid down , I've noticed that I was in a different pair of clothes than I was yesterday, I had a long black-t shirt and boys boxers on. I was confused , then I looked over to a chair that had my real clothes folded nicely on it.

" Oh yeah, I had changed your clothes because I didn't want you to sleep in that. " He proudly smirked.

My eyes open widely and I was speechless for a second. He stripped me down.

" So you took my clothes off , and changed me in another. "

" Yeah , I didn't have no lady clothes or clothes your size here so instead I let you borrow mines. " He mumbled pulling his hands out his brown fluffy hair. Also bitting his lips, taking his lip ring with it too and it popped right back out. Oh that was sexy.

"Oh" was all I can manage to say.

" You have a nice body though. " He smirked walking out the room and shutting the door behind me.

I flipped the covers off of me and stood up walking over to the chair to grab my clothes. In my head, I imagined Louis slowly pulling my clothes off , looking at every inch of my body , when he finished, he'd slip back on me his clothes. That imagine sent shivers also making me blush. I took of his clothes and replaced it with mine. I thought for a minute, I wanted to keep Louis T-shirt on. It was warm, soft , and smelled like him ( soft cologne , fresh with a little hint of cigarettes ) but in total I loved it. I sighed and took my shirt off tossing his shirt back on and taking a large whiff. I seemed like a complete psychco sniffing my co worker who I find really attractive t-shirt but who cares. I opened the room door back, poking my head out the door looking left and right. Where do I go.

"Louis ? " I called.

" Down here ! " I heard him yell from down the stairs. I followed his voice and ended up in the kitchen where he was fixing cereal... my favorite Frosted flakes with extra sugar.

" I think I should be getting home now. " I said taking a seat on a stool he had set up next to an large island which sat in the middle of his kitchen.

" Aw why so early babe. I want to get to learn something about my beautiful co worker Chelsea Walker. " He said leaning in front of me with his chin in the palms of his hands.

" uh Louis how bout I ask you a question ? "

He nodded his head for me to continue

" Why did you act that way when - "

Louis face was not in a smile no more. It was straight he looks pissed at me like I did something to him. As almost like he wanted to kill me.

" I mean why did you help me ? " I mumbled trying to save myself from asking the other question. He face grew back in to a smile and his eyes brightened.

" Because I really really really like you Chelsea."


Sorry this chapter was a little short, I've been sick lately but I feel much better now so I'll be updating a lot more. Please tell me if I should continue... it a lot work I need motivation ! :) oh plus I'm looking for a new character in the book so comment your name and features or something nice , fav and like , and you could have a spot in the book. ;) good luck.

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