Midnight - Louis Tomlinson Fan fic

When the clocks hit Midnight... he is something much more. Something evil , something that he can't control , something that don't make him the same , but I'm still in love with him , even though he can do something way more dangerous than the own devil alive. ©Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Ty Thomas on Movellas.com.


3. 2.

Chapter 2.

It was morning again but it felt different then the others. Maybe because I'll be going out today. I walked to my bathroom and looked in the mirror. Danm I looked like shit. I haven't been out the house in days and this was unbelievable , bangs hung under my eyes , my hair was other than washed and down, it was thrown in a nappy ponytail. A brush had not touched my hair for about three days now. I really needed to change my image. First thing first I twisted the old shower handle and water bursted through the shower head , then the water slowly heated up. Once it was the right temperature , I stripped down and took a nice shower. It felt so amazing an refreshing I should start taking a shower more. I washed my hair and that felt better too.

After I was done I wrapped one towel around my head and another around my body. I found some cuter clothes in the back of my closet and slipped them on. I walked back to the bathroom and shuffled through the counter to look for some makeup. I found a few and did my face. When I was satisfied I put my hair half up and half down. I took one good last look at myself and smiled oops forgot to brush my teeth. Once I did that I smiled again and things was much better. I left my home and walked down the street. Colorful Trees shaded the sidewalk and critters would run around my feet. Been forever since I've been outside. I reached to the center and Wow. It was better than I thought, huge glass revolving doors and marble stairs. This I can get used to. I walked up to it and enter the heated building. You can say it was fancy and looked like the White House.

" Hello Ms. Walker !" A young women about my age greeted me at the front desk.

" hello Ms... " I tried looking for a name tag or something and I spotted a name tag sitting on her desk. " Ms. Thompson... I'm the new whisperer and I was wondering like where I go. " I laughed. Lucky she laughed with me too.

" yes your office will be shared, it is down the hall to the left and it should have your name on the door. " she smiled.

" thanks. " I followed her direction, I wonder what she means by shared. I arrived to the door with my name and someone else but I didn't pay attention. I opened it and I was captivated with the amazing view out the window behind my desk and the room was clean and modern. With the white flush carpet and sliver modern furniture. I spotted a young guy about my age also sitting in front of my desk. I walked around and he has many appealing tattoos, piercings on his lips and eyebrows , and beautiful blue eyes. He was very attractive. But something was strange about him.

" Hii. " I smiled taking a seat in front of him. The perfect human just sat staring back at me with an emotionless face.

" well Uhm... I'm Chelsea Walker uh 22 and I can talk to ghost how bout you ?" I asked trying to have a conversation. He still didn't say anything, his perfect ,soft , red plump lips didn't move an inch.

" Okayy ." I slurred looking for something to do.

" It's Louis my names Louis Tomlinson and I'm 22 year old too." He said. His voice caught my breath for a second. I blushed for the fact the he actually said something to me. " I was waiting for you , you're late but who cares I work here also. " he smiled.

Fuck his smiling can cure cancer if he could.

" What do you do ? " I shyly asked.

" I can talk to ghost too. " He smirked glaring at me, the rudeness in his voice didn't offend me because of his ways.

" IM NOT THE ONLY ONE ! " I cheered sitting on my desk in front of him wanting to know more. " do you get voices in your head ? " I asked.

" yes everyday at 8:00pm. "


" Fucking crazy right. " he laughed.

" how many people do you think that is like us is out there. "

" probably just us two. " he whispered into my ear. I couldn't lie the hotness of his breath, breathing up against my ears set butterflies in my stomach. I've never felt this way, maybe because I never go out and meet guys.

He backed up away and walked over to his own desk, just like mine.

" why are you staring at me ? " he asked looking through his paper and files. All this time I've been staring at him? shit.

" Oh sorry. " I blushed quickly turning away.

" You must find me attractive ? " He asked with his back behind me looking through random books.

" Psh what Uhhh... " I didn't know how to answer the question. I did find him attractive, why I do not know.

" It's okay, I find you attractive also. " he grinned at me giving me a wink. I held my breath In and let it out. I couldn't breath holy shit. Somebody... An actually living human... finds me attractive... plus he don't think I'm insane... double plus he's just like me. I think I love this boy.


About 30mins later I decided to kill the awkward silence by doing the loudest and longest burp ever. I don't know my public manners.

" Holy Shit Chels !" Louis said bursting into laughter.

" I'm sorry ! " I laughed.

" that's burp was so small , I can do a bigger one than that. " Louis joked.

" Oh really " I challenged.

He burped and was louder than a car engine. I couldn't help but to laugh. I popped open a can of soda and took a big gulp. I waited for a second and my loudest world record breaking burp came out louder than Louis.

" Oh I can't compete with that ! " Louis laughed giving up.

" now who's bigger. " I giggled crushing my can and throwing it away. " So what are we supposed to do " I asked.

" Just wait till someone need our help."

" Help with what?"

" Like help with people communicate with their dead love one or go in to people hunted houses and find out what is, shit like that. " He explained.

" So how about my house , have you ever seen a... a tall , dark , all black, heavy figure , that just makes you feel sick and stands behind you. " I asked. Even asking give me the creeps.

I looked over at Louis and he had an shocked emotion on his face.

" Louis what's wrong ?" I asked. He didn't answer , he just kept staring in my eyes.

" Louis are you okay. " I nervously asked walking up to him. He bright blue eyes quickly faded and the blacker it became. He face color faded as if he was dead.

" LOUIS ! " I screamed. he blinked and his blue eyes was back to normal and he face regained it colors back.

" Sorry I have to go... "

" Louis... "

" See you tomorrow Chels. " He flashed me a smile and slammed the door shut leaving me in now the empty office confused.

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