Bella has never enjoyed living in Sector G. It's dull, lacking in colour and charisma and everyone is so involved with their own personal life she is left alone.
So when Transfer Day comes, she has her one chance to escape.
But the choice she makes could kill her.
And with every step she takes, she is watched...
So when she meets mysterious H, a boy with shining talents, who offers to help her, she wonders if something about her is different.
There is.
*Cover credit goes to @LilyAnnaNightshade!*


1. Sector G

Sector G is possibly the dullest Sector there is. Our clothes are pure black, like the fallen night, and any other colour is taken to be a sign of betrayal. Even white, the purest and lightest colour of them all, signifies every sign of utter hurt and betrayal. It's a shame, I've always loved colour, and sometimes I wonder what it is like to see real colour. We were taught the colours at school, what they looked like and their names, the only time colour was fine. Beyond those lessons, it is a discrimination. You would be Banished if you got hold of any form of colour other than black.

Then there is the whole dullness of the place. A never-ending black landscape of depressed people and woe, sealed off with no smiles and sad body language. People have always interested me, the way they act and walk, the way the move and the way they can lie. It fascinates me, how people can lie and never feel any guilt. Perhaps one day I will lie and feel no guilt.

We are not allowed to lie in Sector G. It is forbidden, yet another sign of betrayal. I don't understand why everyone is so caught up in betrayal. No one really understands it, for it has never occurred, so maybe it will be good for someone to betray the Sector?

How will they know they've been betrayed though? What if they lie, but it is such a good lie, it seems like the truth? They have betrayed the Sector and we will never know! This is why being so caught up in betrayal and letting down so many rules can come back at you. Badly.

In Sector G, the clothes are all the same. Girls wear black, slim dresses that come up to their knee with black sandals in the summer. Winter, girls wear black jeans with black laced boots and a plain black top. Boys wear black shorts and a black top with black sandals in the summer. In the winter, boys wear a black polo top with black, smart shoes and black trousers.

No one can express themselves, let out how they feel, its all kept inside. Even our clothes are the same, like we're supposed to be identical, one long race of Sector G girls and boys. We all have brown hair, all the same as each other, as if we need to be even more identical. It hurts to think I'm the same as everyone else and nothing special.

Outside the dark night sky shimmers with the silver stars. I wonder if the stars can betray Sector G, with their silver glow. I laugh to myself and then hear Mother's call.

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